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What Is Milky Way Why Is It Named So

what is milky way why is it named so


Milky Way, the name sounds inappropriate Na? It is our galaxy and we call it Milky Way? Yes, the galaxy that we are a part of is Milky Way galaxy and it is named so because of the fact that there are countless stars and planets in it giving a resemblance of a path that is slightly milky in nature and thus the same Milky Way is given to our galaxy. There are many more galaxies beyond our galaxy also and they also must be having the same celestial objects only but as the Milky Way is most familiar to us, we name it Milky Way because of its resemblance of a milky path.

what is milky way why is it named so

What Is Milky Way

1. Why the name Milky Way:-

Milky Way is the name given to galaxy that contains the solar system. This one has got a milky appearance which is why the name milky has been added to its name. The dim glowing band across the night sky that is observed with the help of big telescopes gives this milky resemblance which is why we regard it as the Milky Way galaxy.

2. The previous ways of seeing Milky Way:-

In the earlier times, the people used to look at these galaxies as merely the collection of stars and people believed that there is no other galaxy except the one in which we live. From earth the Milky Way galaxy appears merely as a band because of the disk like shape that it has got. Galileo Galilee was the first one to witness this galaxy system by resolving a band of light into individual stars with his telescope in year 1610 and afterwards many researchers came forward giving conclusions about this theory.

3. The new ways of looking at universe:-

The new ways of looking at universe take universe as an extremely huge thing that is as huge that we can’t even make an assumption about it and there are countless galaxies and countless celestial objects in it with many planets under formation and many as old as the creation of this universe.

4. The big bang theory:-

There was a theory named big bang theory that was proposed by the thinkers that states that the Milky Way is as whole moving at a velocity of approximately 600km per second with respect to the extragalactic reference frames and thus we can conclude that the oldest stars found in this galaxy are as old as the universe itself is.

5. How Milky Way exactly looks:-

The Milky Way galaxy can be seen as a hazy kind of band of white light that is approximately 30 degrees wide across the sky. Although the individual stars that can be seen with the naked eyes are also a part of it, but the bands that are seen with the help of big telescopes gives us a milky kind of resemblance that we keep in consideration while naming it as Milky Way. Most of the aspects of this universe came into being after the great big bang and researches are still going on to unrevealed the hidden aspects of this universe.


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