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What is Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Mers)

What Is Middle East Respiratory Syndrome


MERS or the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome corona virus is a virus from the beta group of corona virus which was previously known as novel corona virus and is basically a respiratory type of disease. The virus belongs to the same family of corona virus that is responsible for causing common cold in humans and hence is called the MERS-Cov.

What Is Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

What is Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

First Case of The Virus :-

The MERS or the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome corona virus was spotted firstly is year 2012 in SAUDI ARABIA spread from unknown sources but is supposed to have originated from animals.
There is currently no vaccine to cure the respiratory disease but most of the cases of this respiratory disease have the symptoms of acute respiratory illness and about thirty percent of all the cases suffering from the disease have died because of the disease.

How The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus Does Spread?

The disease of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome corona virus is spread from individuals already affected from the disease. If someone is serving the patient of this disease or living with the patient of disease, then he also gets equally prone to be infected from the virus due to close contact with the patient.

If someone travels to the other country from the country with cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome corona virus in it, then he or she is equally likely to bring the virus with him or her to the new country as on 11th May 2014, a traveler from Saudi Arabia to U.S. was spotted to be having the virus in him followed With the other case of a person from Saudi Arabia to have the traces of virus in him, since then other areas like the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, U.S. etc have reported the symptoms of this viruses in several cases reported by the people who recently traveled the area with the virus infection of this disease.

If you have recently returned from a place which is prone to the virus, you should meet your doctor is you are suffering from any of the symptoms of the disease within fourteen days of your arrival from that place.

Symptoms Of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus?

The disease is likely to come up with symptoms like fever or cough or shortness of breath or may even be accompanied by vomiting or nausea be felt by the person and is obvious to undergo Diarrhea or Pneumonia or an injury to some organs like the kidney of the individual might also take place.

The treatment approach is based totally on relieving the symptoms of the disease and is prescribed to have rest and have fluids and has to depend on pain relievers and even oxygen therapies in some of the cases.The disease is most common in adults and causes their immune system to get even more weeker.

How To Prevent The Disease From Spreading To You?

In order to prevent the disease from spreading to you, you just need to reduce the risk of infection using good health approaches and a healthy diet, moreover you should wash your hands properly if you live in a virus prone area or you are serving an infected patient or have to live with him.

You can cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or cloth while coughing or sneezing or when the infected person sneezes before you properly decomposing all the used tissues afterwards and washing your hands properly. The frequently touched surfaces by a victim of disease should be made to get dis-infected by washing with DETTOL or some other sanitary cleaner and you should avoid touching your mouth or nose or face after touching anything that is regularly or frequently touched by others.


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