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What is Meant by Long Sightedness

What Is Long Sightedness


Hypermetropia or long sightedness refers to the condition of a person when the eye of the person is able to see out the objects that are placed at far-off distances but is not able to view the near things, it is sometimes also called as far-sightedness or hyperopia due to this reason only.

What is Meant by Long Sightedness - HowFlux

What is Meant by Long Sightedness

Though in the cases with a mild disease, this defect is likely to be overcome as the muscles and eye lens of the eye may overcome it. Sometimes if the focusing power of the cornea of the eye and lens of the eye of any individual becomes poor, the person may suffer far sightedness in that case also. If the parents of a child were suffering from this disease, the child is also likely to get the disease inherited from his parents others may get the eye problem developed in them by chance.

Many of the cases of mild- hypermetropia get corrected themselves when they get up in age and if the disease still persists in the old age, the individual may have a difficulty to focus on the things up like a scripture or something written on a pamphlate or a slogan written on the newspaper. This disease may make it impossible for them to look on the far off objects as well if the disease still persists in the adult age. The children in this disease may clearly see out the movie on the television set or the black board but may find it difficult for them to read a book properly.

The patient in this disease can’t focus properly and things become very hard for them to focus on, suffering their academic career as well. The patient is likely to suffer with strain in the eyes or even headache.

Actually what happens, for the clear and normal vision , the light rays coming from the object should be made to focus highly on the retina of the person situated at the back of the eyes of the person. A far-sighted eye feels it difficult for it to focus the light rays from the object at a short distance and instead of it the rays get focused to a sharp point behind the retina of the eye of that person making the vision blurry while if the object is placed at a distance from the eye, the point at which the light focuses sharply moves ahead on to the retina of the person and the object placed at a distance from the eye becomes clear to be viewed.


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