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What is Meant by Health and Hygiene

What Is Health And Hygiene


Health refers to the mental and physical well-being of a person. This is described as the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living organism. Hygiene refers to the set of practices performed for the preservation of health. Both these steps are inter-connected with each other as one is not possible without the other. According to W.H.O (World Health Organization), hygiene is described as the conditions and practices that help to maintain health and to prevent the spread of disease and thus health and hygiene are incomplete without each other.

What is Meant by Health and Hygiene

What is Meant by Health and Hygiene

1. Stay mentally fit:-

In order to ensure health and hygiene, you should first of all stay mentally fit. This includes your decision making power, the inner happiness, relief from daily stress, no mental burden, ability to judge what is wrong or right and also includes the other such factors which affect you mentally.

2. Stay physically fit:-

Health and hygiene also cover your physical fitness. Being physically fit means your power to stay active and healthy by the means of all organs of your body. For this purpose you can go for aerobic exercises, yoga, meditation, morning walks, gymming and other such practices which help you stay fit in all respects. A physically fit person does not get tired easily and he is seen even more active than the other people of his age.

3. Eat Healthy:-

The next step of health and hygiene includes your ability to stay healthy. If you eat healthy, you stay healthy. Eating healthy does not mean that you stay on a wrong diet, but you should eliminate the processed foods and junk foods from your diet. You should also eliminate fats from your diet and you should eat food items which fortify you with minerals, vitamins and other such nutrients.

4. Do Not Stay Obese:-

The habit with some people is that they take a wrong diet rich in fats and calories. The old fat takes time to get burnt, but till the time it gets burnt, the person has already consumed lots of new fat which becomes his reason to get obese. An obese person is never considered a healthy person as he is at the risk of heart disease and other such diseases like blood pressure and diabetes. You should try working on your obesity to remove or reduce it in order to stay healthy.

5. Bathe Regularly:-

Health and hygiene also include a person to bath regularly and to keep his surroundings neat and clean. A diseased environment always results in a diseased person and thus you should stay away from every dirty thing in your surroundings and you should try to eliminate such things by either using a broom, mop or vacuum cleaner.

6. Home Remedies for Health and Hygiene:-

There are also some home remedies described for remaining healthy and for enhancing one’s personal hygiene. This includes you to eat such food items which boost up your health. If you eat spinach, it will boost your health against anemia as it has lots of iron in it, similarly drinking milk and eating yoghurt will eliminate all the bad bacteria from your body and will provide your body with calcium content which is essential for bones. There are many other such home remedies which can be bought in use to ensure health and hygiene.


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