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What is Marketing? – Definition of Marketing

What is Marketing? – Definition of Marketing


If you had ever tried to open up some shop or planned to run a business of your own, you might have heard the marketing for sure, as marketing is the means to make customers know about the product that you have come in market with. Even if you do no business, Still the word marketing might appear to be familiar with you as we come across many T.V based advertisements, posters, pamphlets and road hoardings etc. We often see many advertisements written with paints on walls and thus we are familiar with it but only a small number of us will be aware that it is called as marketing.

What is Marketing Definition of Marketing

What is Marketing? – Definition of Marketing

Definition of Marketing:-

Marketing can be regarded as the approach that we make use of in order to tell the customer what product we are selling or we have come with in the market. It is just a means of explaining what we are providing so as to attract maximum number of customers.

Ways of Marketing:-

If you ask me how marketing is done, well any way that makes you reach the people in a better way so as to inform them about the thing that you are marketing for can be thought to as a way of marketing.

Like suppose if you are posting advertisements on some television based channel, It is called marketing. If you are fixing up banners and iron made hoardings on roads and signals so as to make advertisement for some specific product, even it is marketing. If you are posting advertisements online making use of some internet based site by posting up the links over internet, even it can be understood as a way of marketing and if you decide to go yourself from one house to the other distributing pamphlets to people with all information written about your product, even it can be understood as a way of marketing.

There are basically two types of marketing, the first one is direct marketing and the second one is indirect marketing.

1. Direct Marketing:-

When you yourself take an initiative to do marketing along with some volunteers or some hired professionals for it, This is called the direct marketing. You can manage to get some pamphlets and banners made for it by reaching some good printing press in a bulk and then you can choose to fix the hoardings up at various places where they get easily visible to public and you can choose to distribute the pamphlets to people yourself. The more you come in touch with the people and tell them about your product, the more they will come to know about it and this way your product will get sold easily.

2. Indirect Marketing:-

After when you have fixed up the banners and hoardings, you have got the walls painted with your advertisements or you may have put an advertisement on some channel or some website, it will take some time for people to watch it and come to know about it and then will begin the process of indirect marketing when these people will tell others about it.

Suppose you take a parker pen and you like it, you will surely tell someone else that you liked it and even he or she should try it? this is called the indirect marketing that we make daily after watching multiple advertisements and thus even indirect marketing can make your product get sold within no time. Rest all depends on the way you serve people. The better your customer experience and product is for people, the more they tell others about it and this way your marketing strategy gets successful.


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