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What is Manicure?

What is Manicure?


You can take manicure as the process of beautifying your hand nails by providing them the cosmetic beauty treatments that can help you enhance the look of your fingernails. If you are a working husband, you must have been fed up sometimes with your wife asking you for some money every weekend so as to get manicure done for her hands and you might be familiar with it as well, but really this process can help your wife look even much attractive by making her fingers look presentable enough as to make you feel like you want to kiss her hands.

What is Manicure?

What is Manicure?

How Is Manicure Done?

Well manicure can be done at both home as well as a beauty parlor, the difference is just that at home you make usage of some home based remedies to do so and at beauty parlor, an attendant is always there to do that for you. There are some nail salons that are professional in doing it and professionally make it done for you taking some amount of money in return as an expense of it.

What is the need of manicure?

While females take even a slightest care about their looks and beauty so as to look presentable in parties and functions, outings, dates, etc. still sometimes there feels something to be incomplete as the nails are legging behind and thus there comes a need to beautify them as well, so as to look completely beautified from every angle and thus manicure is the perfect solution for it as it involves beautifying of your full hand from fingers till the nails.

Manicure And Risks Associated With It:-

Manicure is sometimes associated with risks as this process involves the usage of some tools that can sometimes cause infections as well. The trimming of skin can cause a blunder sometimes and thus there is a great need to do it carefully.

It is not that manicure is always associated with these hazards, but it is successful much of the times and thus we will not advise you to stop getting it done, but instead you should take a proper care while doing it or we advise you to get it done professionally as these people are trained and licensed ones and they take a great care of these problems associated with manicure based equipment and tools.

Doing it alone by yourself rather includes one of your hands get busy in holding the things and other getting the treatment sideways and thus the risk may increase this way. Professional Manicure may cost you some money, but this way it becomes a great way to make manicure be done in a safer way.

What Does Manicure Includes In It?

A manicure generally includes the filing of nails, shaping them, cutting them, applying the cuticles treatment and removing the dead cells and tissues if any. Manicure follows the massage of your hands, removal of dirt if any, and applying the nail polishes and making the nail arts according to the customer’s requirement. Artificial nail based gels and glitters are also sometimes applied so as to make your nails look presentable as well. Acrylic nails can be applied so as to make your nails look longer or sharper, whatever the way you want to enhance your nails.


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