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What is Malaria and its Life Cycle

What Is Malaria Disease, Malaria Life Cycle


Malaria is nothing but a mosquito generated infectious disease that occurs mainly in humans and the other animals., the main causing factor of malaria is a parasitic protozoa which is a single celled micro organism of the type plasmodium. the symptoms of malaria generally include a fever often followed the occurance of fatigue , head ache and vomiting.

What is Malaria and its Life Cycle

What is Malaria and its Life Cycle

When malaria gets severe it may be followed with the skin to become yellow in colour followed with seizures to occur and the person go to coma or even meet his death. the symptoms are usually seen ten to fifteen days after getting bitten and if the person does not get the proper treatment the disease may persist even a few months later.

malarial fever is likely to reduce the person’s immunity even and his health even is at risk. he may fall anywhere all of a sudden so it is always advised to get the patient hospitalized as soon as the disease is known to infect him.
if the health gets worsened the person may be put to glucose injections along with the medications to improve his health.

Medication to treat malaria may involve medications like sulfadoxine or pyrimethamine or mefloquine, lumefantrine or Quinine along with doxycycline may be used if an artemisinin is not available. the main cause of malaria is a female mosquito called female anopheles whose bite injects the parasites from the later’s saliva to the person’s blood and then the parasites make their way to the individual’s liver giving them a chance to get mature and reproduce themselves. despite the awareness to the disease still no effective vaccine exists till yet to be immune to the disease though efforts are still ongoing in the field of prevention and treatment of the disease.

the person who lives in an area with an access of mosquitoes is likely to develop this disease as he is more likely to be bitten by molsquitoes. so to reduce the risk of developing this health problem, one needs to use mosquito repellents such as odomos or all out or mortein that are easily available in every market an every retailer’s shop in the form of cakes and repellent ointments and refills or some others like spraying insecticides and draining standing water can be done. the water should not be allowed to stand any where on roof tops or unused tyres or water coolers etc.
The water in air coolers should be treated with kerosene oil once a month.


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