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What is Magnet and Types of Magnets

What is Magnet and Types of Magnets


Magnets are the objects that have got a magnetic field associated with them. Magnetic field is the force field that has the tendency to repel or to attract the other objects. A permanent magnet is a magnet that always stays magnetized while a temporary magnet stays magnetized for just a small interval of time. The magnets that are made electrically or which act as a magnet when electricity is passed through them can be regarded as the electromagnets while the ones which are made to be magnetized after coming in contact with some magnetic material refers to as the temporary magnets.

What is Magnet and Types of Magnets

What is Magnet and Types of Magnets

Types of Magnet:-

Generally there are four types of magnets that includes

1. Neodymium Iron Boron (NDFEB)
2. Samarium Cobalt (SMCO)
3. Alnico
4. Ceramic Or Ferrite

1. Neodymium Iron Boron (NDFEB):-

The neodymium Iron Boron magnet refers to the type of magnet that is composed of the rare earth magnetic material and these ones have high product energy level associated with them. These one can be small in size and have a generally low mechanical strength. These have a low corrosion resistance and are bought in use in various usages that include the purposes in which a strong magnetic field is needed.

2. Samarium Cobalt (SMCO):-

Just like the Neodymium magnets, these ones are also associated with strong magnetic fields. These ones are resistant to oxidation and temperature resistant as well. Though these may be slightly weaker than the NDFEB magnets, but may cost you a bit.

3. Alnico Magnets:-

Alnico magnets are the type of magnets that consist of the elements like Nickel and Cobalt in them. The temperature resistance is simply awesome and we can easily demagnetize these types of magnets and may be used as a substitute in some magnetic operated appliances as well.

4. Ceramic Or Ferrite:-

This type of magnet is generally consisted of the oxide of iron and barium. These ones are relatively inexpensive and can be produced easily. The process that results in formation of these magnets is called as sintering. These ones are brittle and are also used in a variety of works that need a low cost magnet for them to be completed.

Rest are all just the temporary ones that either become a magnet after coming in the magnetic field of a magnet or are made by using the other likewise purposes.

The Electromagnets:-

These ones are based on the principle that when electric current is passed through a copper coil that is in the form of a loop, it gets associated with magnetic field that behaves as a magnet. A copper wire is wrapped around an iron bar in this type of magnet and then current is passed through that loop. The greater is the number of loops and the amount of charge, the greater gets the magnetic field and magnetic power.

Magnetic Field:-

This can be referred to as imaginary field around a magnet in which the magnetic substances experience a sort of attraction or repulsion. The magnetic field of lines are not actually seen but it is imagined that the area in which the power of a magnet works is referred to as the magnetic field of that area.


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