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What is love ? “love is life” or “life is love”

What is love ? “love is life” or “life is love”


what is love ? love is a feeling, love is god, love is everything, love is life, etc, etc …..
More the mouths, more the spoken words !

what is love ? If you will try to find, you will find countless definitions of love, Every lyricist, writer, and poet has described love in different – different words.

What is love ? “love is life” or "life is love”

What is love ? “love is life” or “life is love”

when i try to concentrate on my story, i find myself surrounded by many definitions. when I was in 8th class, I found myself attracted towards a girl, but I could not tell that to her for the whole year. However it was just an attraction to the opposite sex, but it was love for me that time and pure like any other thing is pure. after that , in 10th class again i became a victim of attraction but my good will was that the girl i was getting close to was also getting close to me.

she was crossing the limits of time, age and childhood that time and entering the court yard of youth and i had achieved an incomplete knowledge of relations between a man and women. i did see a lot of hollywood movies and thought perhaps lip kissing is mandatory after proposing your love, from this perspective, i was not getting suitable place for a proposal.

one day she called me at her home she was alone at home. We got much close while talking suddenly I kissed her lips after saying “I love you” and in response she lowered her eyes, and I got a new definition of love. i got full knowledge with passing time and i was again in search of love. and like this my information kept on increasing and side by side my definitions kept on increasing. but i could not get the words to write love or some complete definition in what words love can be written till yet.

I am married today, i have a 2 years old son. i have done that hundreds of times what most of the people call love and do it nearly every day after marriage but it is not love in my eyes that is just a requirement or simply say it is just a part of love.

when I leave for the office in the morning then the saying of my wife when passing me the tiffin, “eat it in time” is love. Reaching home and the opening of door with my ringing of the doorbell and my wife taking off my office bag from my hands.While eating food, her giving me water leaving her food with a slight of my sneeze, is love. Waking up at 10 in the morning on Sundays and finding tea and breakfast ready is love. Helping wife in work on holidays is love.

Bringing two tickets of movie in the evening and surprising your wife, is love getting out of the cinema, telling your wife that it will take much time reaching home, let’s eat food outside today, is love. coordination, caring for one another, standing by in every difficult situation, respecting each other is only the real love. I can’t say if love is everything or not but i will surely say yes “love is life” “life is love”.


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