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What Is Lockjaw And Tetanus and its Symptoms

What Is Lockjaw And Tetanus


Tetanus or lockjaw is a disease that is common within every country if the person does not get the proper treatment of any wound, the wound is likely to get contaminated and the person gets prone to be affected with tetanus or lock jaw. This disease can occur to any body irrespective of the sex.

What Is Lockjaw And Tetanus and its Symptoms

What Is Lockjaw And Tetanus and its Symptoms

Tetanus is a medical condition or a disease that causes the skeletal muscle fibers to get contracted. Tetanus is always followed with tetanospasmin being one of its symptoms. A rod shaped bacteria species is responsible to cause this disease.

Symptoms of lockjaw (tetanus):-

tetanus starts with a mild spasm in the jaw muscles that can even affect the chest of that person or even the neck and back and the abdominal muscles of that particular person. In some of the cases difficulty in breathing is also likely to occur. Other symptoms include excessive sweating, fever and hand or foot spasms and irritability and difficulty to swallow any thing.

Period of incubation in lockjaw (tetanus):-

in lock jaw, the incubation period can remain up to several months but in most of the cases it is just about eight days or so. The farther the injured site is from the nervous system, the longer it takes to incubate. And the shorter the incubation period gets, the more vigorous the symptoms get. Though the medicinal injections are cheaply and easily available, still good care of yourself is a plus point.

Why tetanus is called as lock jaw?

Bacterias are present generally everywhere and the person when undergoing any wound or infection in wound is likely to be at risk of developing this medical anaerobic bacterial attack to occur.

Suppose a person met an accident while coming from his office and the body got many cuts and wounds in that incident and the rusted motor cycle parts made him wounded then the person is likely to develop tetanus due to wound contamination with bacterias and as the infection gets progressed further, the muscular spasms get developed in the jaws of the person and this is the only reason it is called as lock jaw. The infection can be there in any part of the body and can be prevented by proper immunization of that person from time to time.

Tetanus injections are available generally on every medical store and in every hospital, so it is advised to go to a doctor or a medical store to get tetanus medicine injected after the incident of accident.


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