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What is Linux Operating System

What is Linux Operating System


Linux can be understood as the UNIX- like computer operating system that was made with an open source development license agreement and works majorly as like the UNIX version only. The Linux kernel is used for it which can be understood as the kernel that handles the process control, networking and the other tasks like networking and peripheral and file system access. You can understand it as a type of windows or an operating system.

What is Linux Operating System

What is Linux Operating System

What does Linux do?

Linux performs just like any other operating system like any version of Windows. It enables you to browse up the files, make changes in them, execute them, open them and play them. It allows you to operate multiple applications within any device and make a use of them. It also enables you for the networking purposes and processing tasks using the drivers that are installed in the device which are integrated directly with the Linux Kernel or are added as modules that become operable while the system is running after it gets started.

What Is GNU Linux?

Often we hear the term GNU Linux and think maybe it is some other operating system issued by Linux, but it is not so and instead you can take it as the operating system that is associated with some controversies and thus the software foundation has named it as GNU/ Linux.

What Are The Devices That Operate On Linux?

Ubuntu that is a Linux version, is nowadays coming in, most of the Dell based laptops and people really like it. Linux was developed initially as a free operating system for Intel x86 –based personal computers, but then there felt a need to make it compatible to the other devices like the embedded systems, mobile phones, tablet computers , network routers, facility automation controls, televisions and video game consoles and even the android gadgets that we use nowadays are based on the Linux Kernel. Linux has got qualities that make it stand in competition with Microsoft and that is why it is getting famous day by day. Linux is rather ideal operating system for the netbooks, which can be understood as the miniature laptops with smaller versions of operating system.

Limitations And Advantages of Linux:-

First thing that I will like to tell you about the advantage of Linux based operating system is that it is freely redistributable and anyone may create a distribution for any intended use of it and that is the only reason people like to use their devices with this operating system. Linux has achieved a great success in the market of miniature devices market and has improves the functioning of many versions of Laptops as well.


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