What Is Line App



Line is an application especially made for instant communication on electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets and personal computers.
Line was released in March 2011 in Japan with a motive to provide faster and better means of messaging and calling and video sharing and video conferencing and voice sending along with the other features like hidden chat and the others like free calling and games playing.

What Is Line App

What Is Line App

Compatible Platform :-

line is compatible with blackberry or windows phone or Firefox operating system and Nokia and windows 7 and windows 8 and MAC OS X, IOS and android operating systems. The application is available in various languages including the English, Russian or Chinese or Hindi or Turkish or Thai language etc. Line announced that it had attracted 560million users worldwide with 170million active users across the globe in 2014.

How To Use The Application ?

The user has just to download the application and create a line account by entering the conformational code sent to the user on his or her mobile after associating the email id and mobile number of the customer with the application and when the profile gets created, the contacts of user that are already on line can be viewed and the user can chat with them and make groups and send stickers and files to them. The timeline of user gets filled with the updates from the others and the user can upload a picture of himself or herself on the profile that gets visible to the other friends.

Features :-

line is an application that works on multiple platforms and has an access via multiple personal computers (Windows Or Mac OS) the application gives an option for address book synchronization. Application can be used in pop up box mode for replying the messages in a pop up view.

Free Recharge :-

line provides free recharge to its active users and those who use the application as a means to talk and chat with their friends.
Line keeps on sending the redeem link time to time to its customers to get the credit and use it for other purposes.

Sticker Market & Emojis :-

line features a sticker shop where the users are able to purchase virtual stickers of well known characters and can be used while chatting with your friends and groups for purpose of fun. User can purchase the stickers as a gift for the others and can also download the stickers for free download including the Manga or anime or Disney characters etc.

Easy And Fast File Transfer :-

line allows a faster and easy transfer of files to the users and the users can send any type of image or voice or video or contact or location through the application in an improved an faster way.

Free phone Calling and Video Calling :-

line users can call any other online or offline user if they have the credit that can be collected by chatting with the application and can even go for a video call if the other user also has a line account.

Games :-

line comes with game playing and downloading facility. Only those with a line account get the access to line games and to play it. The games are ranging from puzzle type to mazes and battles and spotting the difference etc.


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