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What is Journalism – Definition of Journalism

What is Journalism – Definition of Journalism


The work done by a journalist is referred to as journalism and a journalist can be understood as the person responsible for collection, writing and distribution of the news or information that reaches us. A journalist does not even care the toughest of weather or the calamities or disasters and sticks by his or her job so as to gather and distribute the information and works on generals issues, social issues as well as the other such things that generate news along with his or her teammates that include camera man, live telecast unit and all the others that are associated with it.

What is Journalism – Definition of Journalism

What is Journalism

1. Role of The Reporter:-

Talking about journalism, the role of a reporter comes at the top. He is the only one responsible for the reporting of the news. Let it be a weather forecast, some important political meeting or some film related shoot, these reporters always cooperate with their teams so as to bring up the news and make it reach the common man. They don’t even let a single gossip move out of their ears.

2. News Room Depictions:-

Journalists are also responsible for bringing out the newsroom depictions. You must have seen a journalist standing on screen telling you different happenings at different – different places and parts of the world without hesitating standing in front of the camera, this is what we call journalism in true senses. Journalism is basically the way of depicting the journals on television.

3. Interviews of The Celebrities:-

Journalists do almost everything that has generated news for people, let it be some victory of the team representing any country or any celebrity or politician standing in front of the camera to answer your questions, all these works are made by journalists and hence through journalism.

4. Live Coverage of The Disasters:-

You fear disasters and death right? You would not ever like to go to a place that has been hit by some disaster like earth quake or cyclone or some massive tornado, etc. but these journalists have to go very such place so as to gather the current report of those places and they don’t even fear their death in order to do so. Journalism is responsible for coverage of approximately everything that can become a news and the journalists even put their life at sake to bring news for you.

5. Bombardments And Other Terrorism Related News:-

If there is a case of any terrorist activity or some bombardment or some collapse of a building and injuries reported, the news reaches you within a couple of seconds. This has become possible because of journalism and journalists only.

6. New Discoveries And Case Hearings:-

Whenever a discovery is made, a national function is organized or the prime minister of our country or some other country has visited some part of the world, there is some case hearing of any big person or there is some big case, these reach us sitting in front of televisions because of journalism and journalists only.


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