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What is ISIS, ISIS Facts, History of Iraq

What is ISIS, ISIS Facts, History of Iraq


What Is ISIS?

ISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. This one is a militant group ruling by the SHARIA law. ISIS can be regarded as an Islamic Rebel group that controls the territory and dreads them to follow its orders. The four country in its territory are Syria, Iraq, Libya and Nigeria. This group is believed to be originated as JAMA’AT AL-TAWHID WAL-JIHAD in year 1999 which was renamed later on as TANZIM QAIDAT AL-JIHAD FI BILAD AL-RAFIDAYN or what you can refer to as the AL-QAEDA group that even India regards as an Terrorist association. The organization is blamed for trapping the civilians and for conducting assassinations and group killings by usage of bombs and missiles to establish their rule and treating people as their slaves. The organization is well known for its brutality as well as cruelty and is a headache for many countries across the globe.

What is ISIS, ISIS Facts, History of Iraq

What is ISIS, ISIS Facts, History of Iraq

Members of ISIS:-

This terrorist group is leaded by ABU BAKR AL-BAGHDADI and has got “ABU MUSLIM AL-TURKMANI” as the deputy leader in Iraq and “ABU ALI AL-ANBARI” as the deputy leader in Syria. The head of Military is “SHURA ABU AYMAN AL-IRAQI” and “ABU MOHAMMAD AL-ADNANI” is the spokesman while “ABU OMAR AL-SHISHANI “ is the Field commander. This terrorist organization is known for the threat prevailing in people just because of its name.

Facts And Figures Associated With ISIS:-

On 29TH of June 2014, ISIS proclaimed itself to be a worldwide caliphate, with ABU BAKR AL-BAGHDADI being named its caliph, and renamed itself “Islamic State” This idea of caliphate and new name was highly criticized and opposed. Having a caliphate meant that the troops of KHALIFA declared their rule over all the Muslims in the world and claimed religious, political and military rule over them. Islamic state in Iraq               was declared in 13 October 2006 and Declared Caliphate 29 June 2014 and Claimed the territory in Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Pakistan on 13 November 2014.

Blames Over ISIS:-

The United Nations held it responsible for the abuse of human rights and war crimes and designated it as an terrorist organization. They drove their start up from earlier incarnations of the JIHADI organizations prevailing in the Middle east and then held territory over both Syria and Iraq. The U.S. agencies have committed various operations against this organization but still ISIS has proved to be a pain of head for all the countries.

May 2007 proved to be the dreadful moth in the history of Iraq in the way that about 1393 civilians, 380 soldiers and 149 policemen died and 2610 were left wounded thanks to ISIS, the terrorist organization. What can be more brutal than Killing of this much innocent people just to spread terror.

Countries Directly Or Indirectly Against Isis:-

Over 60 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Egypt, India Malaysia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, and Russia are directly or indirectly waging war against ISIS and stand firmly against it and keep on launching several intelligence operations against it.


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