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What Is Insomnia, Symptoms and Causes of Insomnia

What Is Insomnia, Symptoms and Causes of Insomnia


I remember the days of childhood when knowing about disease was just found in the science books. It was nothing more than a chapter of biology. In those days we used to play allot indoors and outdoors that we had no time thinking of a disease related to sleep. We used to get tired by going to school, doing our homeworks and playing and as a result of which the affection between the bed and us was so much that as soon as we lay down we used to enter our dream lands.

 What Is Insomnia, Symptoms and Causes of Insomnia

What Is Insomnia, Symptoms and Causes of Insomnia

But now the era has completely changed and so has the affection with our beds. There is no such night when we leave the bed unturned. The night is all about turning around one side to another thinking of reasons to sleep. Many of you reading this must be thinking that we are also in the same position. So let me tell those people that friends you are ismaniac. Shocked! To hear such a terrifying name? If yes, then you should because this is the worst thing which can ever happen to some one. Really! Sleep is the most important process that our body carries out. This is the time when our body replenishes all the tissues, cells and stuff. So if you are not sleeping well then your body will not be developing properly.

What is insomnia exactly?

Let me correct you all who feel that insomnia is a disease. No friends, it is not a disease. It is just a disorder occurring in our body. It is a sleep disorder occurring in our body as a result of which people are not able to sleep properly at night. In this disorder usually people face a problem in falling asleep and if by say luck they fall asleep then they face hinderences in their sleeping process. Either they will not be able to go back to sleep again after waking or they will just have nap instead of a sound sleep. This disorder creates a kind of uncomfortability in our body making us dull and uncomfortable the whole next day. It slows down our body processes and restrains us from staying fit.

What are the symptoms of insomnia?

  1. You have to force yourself to go sleep.
  2. You have to try harder to gain sleep no matter how tired or fatigue you may be feeling.
  3. You do not have a sound sleep at night.
  4. Your sleep is a disturbed one like small to smallest noise also hinder your sleep.
  5. You usually wake up at night and then it is difficult for you to get back to sleep again.
  6. You feel sleepy at the daytime.
  7. You have to rely on sleeping pills to drop you in your dreams.

What are the possible causes of insomnia?

If you want treat yourself and you want to come out of the dirty hands of this monster then try to find out the causes behind the problem. Take a help of your doctor to guide you in this. The possible causes may be:

  1. Anxiety or depression or stress or tension. Your emotional state of mind creates a problem in your sleep.
  2. Change in your lifestyle.
  3. Medicine that promote sleeplessness.
  4. Taking too much caffeine in your schedule as this keeps your body active.
  5. Eating late at night.
  6. Change in your sleep patterns

These can be few possible causes of insomnia. But please do not take these problems in a go and do consult a physician for your health issues.


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