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What is Information Technology and its Definition

What is Information Technology and its Definition


Information Technology can be understood as a computer based application that makes the usage of telecommunications based technology so as to retrieve, collect, transmit, manipulate and store the data. Often Information Technology must have come to you as a word spoken in relation with some I.T based company like Infosys etc. as it is widely practiced in the case of multinational as well as national businesses and enterprises as a mode of business and many of the current day entrepreneurs have achieved their bread of success due to it only.

What is Information Technology and its Definition

What is Information Technology and its Definition

Getting Familiar with Information Technology:-

As the name suggests, this one is the technology that is related with the information. You may be using it to store, manipulate, edit or retrieve the information and thus the name is truly suitable with its meaning. The term “Information Technology” Is often used with computer or computer network based firms and enterprises, but the other telecommunication related things like television, telephone , software, electronics, semiconductors, internet based works, telecom based appliances and e-commerce related works and services etc. are either directly or indirectly related to it.

Usage of Information Technology In Various Fields:-

Well approximately everything that you come across, including computers, the added peripherals, the business equipment and the ADD ONS, all are a result of development in Information Technology. The BPO’s that you see in today’s world and the call centers that you see flourishing, you can watch it as the product of Information Technology. If you enter Infosys or Narayan Murthy, in the search box of Google search engine, you will see that the results will show you a person who is one amongst the six Co-founders of Infosys, this company is an Information Technology based Indian company and serves worldwide. Not just this company only, but there are countless such Information Technology based companies that do not only serve in the field of I.T but generate countless job opportunities for people as well.

What Does I.T Include In It?

Well if you ask me what is included in Information Technology, I will ask you to move your eyes and look around, approximately everything that you use from morning to evening is somewhere affected with the sector of I.T, All the computing gadgets and peripheral that you bring in use, the internet connection that you use to get social, the voice and video related networks that you make use of , telephone and radio equipment, software that you bring in use, voice response systems etc. all are included in the sector of Information Technology.

The data that you read while sitting on your computer screen while making a Google Search is itself an outcome of I.T sector. Even the other data entry services and electronic information as well as copy machines and fax machines, all are included in the sector of I.T and thus I.T is a small word with a big meaning.

The effectiveness and craze of I.T sector can be explained by an simple example that even the students with highly qualifying engineering degrees wait for the I.T based companies to pick them in a campus interview as sector of I.T offers you the highest salary as well as the quickest increment.


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