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What is Hypertension? – Definition & Causes

Hypertension? – Definition & Causes


Often you must have seen people telling that they are a victim of hypertension problem and you should not make them angry right? Well such people are actually experiencing high blood pressure problem and it is referred to as the high blood pressure because the human heart in this condition has to pump the blood much higher than what it normally does. You will get familiar with the actual process and phenomenon related with hypertension problem in the further lines that we are mentioning here.

What is Hypertension? - Hypertension Definition & Causes

What is Hypertension? – Definition & Causes

What Causes Hypertension?

Talking about the exact cause of hypertension problem, it cannot be determined, but still it is estimated that smoking, obesity, or being over weighted may increase your risk of hypertension and thus you should avoid such factors so as to avoid getting in the grab of this disease. The lack of exercise or excessive intake of salts can also lead you to this problem as well and thus to avoid this health problem from happening to you, you are advised to avoid all such factors in your lifestyle.

Get Familiar with the Blood Pressure:-

Talking about the blood pressure, the person will be said to have a normal value of blood pressure if it is below the value of 120/80. Here 120 are the peak pressure in an individual’s arteries that carry the blood and 80 depicts the minimum pressure in the arteries carrying the blood. When the blood pressure raises much above this normal blood pressure limit, the person is said to be suffering from the problem called hypertension. In this problem the blood pressure of an individual will get raised much above this normal limit say 140/90 or above.

What Actually Happens In Hypertension:

Talking about the actual process of hypertension, till now you must have got aware that when the blood pressure of an individual will reach a value equivalent to 140/90 or above, the person will be suffering from hypertension, but let us go a little bit deeper, we know that the heart pumps blood and the arteries carry the blood to it.

Well, every time the heart beats, the blood is pumped to the whole body by the means of arteries and the force with which it is pushed up against the walls of blood vessel, is called as the blood pressure or you can say that the pressure with which it reaches this area is called as blood pressure. It is measured with the help of an instrument that you must have seen in the hospitals in which a pump is attached to a piece of cloth which is tied to your hand and then when the pump is pressed, the meter readings are noted and your blood pressure is written. Well, this way hypertension is denoted when the normal value is crossed.

The Results of Hypertension:-

Talking about the results or consequences of hypertension, there can be a severe damage to the body organs and in some cases even heart failure may result to the associated person as well. The risk of stroke for such a person increases and a kidney failure may even take place in some cases as well. The person in such a condition may experience tremendous headache as well as fatigue; breathing problems and dizziness. In some cases there may even be seen the traces of blood in the associated person’s urine.


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