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What is Hydrochloric Acid? – Uses of Hydrochloric Acid

What is Hydrochloric Acid?


If you are a science or Chemistry student, you may find It to be a chemical that we see in the chemistry labs and make experiments from. You may find hydrochloric acid in concentrated as well as dilute forms and dilute form if coming in contact with you may cause less harm while the concentrated form may even make that part of your body go burnt vigorously. The pH of this acid is quiet low and it is named as HCl in the field of chemistry.

What is Hydrochloric Acid?

What is Hydrochloric Acid

The Basic Definition of Hydrochloric acid:-

HCl or hydrochloric acid is the acid that is a colorless, clear and highly pungent solution that is made by adding Hydrogen chloride in water The acid may get much vigorous if your body parts are exposed to it in concentrated forms and thus a dropper is used to take it out from the carrying bottle.

This one is highly corrosive and has got much industrial uses as well as home based uses. It is also used in the chemical based industries, so as to make Vinyl Chloride.

The Uses of Hydrochloric acid:-

The hydrochloric acid can be used in order to pickle the steel in a dilute form, It is also used in making pharmaceutical drugs as well as processing of the additives for food industry. The tanning industry also makes a usage of this acid so as to process the leather and it is also used to purify the common salt that we use in our homes as well. This mineral acid is also used in household cleaning purposes as well. The toilet cleaners that we use so as to clean the toilet seat is also rich in HCl as a cleaning agent as it is proven to kill germs and make your toilet seat get cleaned within no time.

Hydrochloric acid and human body:-

The way I told you earlier the qualities of this mineral acid, It might have made you get threatened to some extent, but if I talk about the uses that it has got for the human body, you will start appreciating this acid, The hydrochloric acid helps in maintaining proper level of digestion in human body. The Gastric acid in the human stomach is rich in HCl and which proves to activate the digestive enzymes in an individual that proves to bring about the digestion process in an individual helping him to break down the eaten food and get the best from it.

Problems Related To Digestion Because of Abnormal Level of HCl:-

The mechanism of this acid if found to be abnormal in some individual might be associated with the problems with digestion and heartburn or even the peptic ulcers. These people are provided with the dosages of antacids so as to make this acid get neutralize and save them from the ill effects or side effects of this acid.


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