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What is Horticulture? – Horticulture Definition

What is Horticulture?


You must have heard about horticulture in news and you must have read about that in magazines as well. Horticulture refers to the branch of agriculture that deals with the art , science, technology and business of plant cultivation. This deals with the science of plants and vegetables that includes herbs, sprouts, seeds, etc. Horticulture basically deals with plants and the science that may cause betterment of them. Horticulture deals with plantation, conservation and restoration as well.

What is Horticulture?

What is Horticulture

What Is Included In Horticulture?

Horticulture includes all the things that can be done with plants so as to conserve the plant species, make them get flourished, landscape restoration as well as garden design and maintenance and implantation as well. If you are thinking to go for the implantation of plants in your locality, you will need to consult with a horticulturist, so as to get knowledge about the specific plants and trees so as to go for the better plantation strategies.

Who Is A Horticulturist?

Horticulturists are the ones who are qualified and trained enough to tell you about a specific type of plant breed. These have got the technology as well as material that can be bought in use so as to go for the betterment of a plant species and you can choose to get consulted from a horticulturist this way to know more about a specific plant breed for commercial or non-commercial purposes. The cultivation of a particular plant and the plant growth, plant yield, plantation quality, nutritional value as well as disease resistance is well known to a horticulturist and they make the best use of it so as to console you for the plantation of a specific breed of plants.

Benefits of Horticulture:-

Horticulture deals with all the sort of diseases that are likely to infect a specific plant breed. A horticulturist can help you to decide a specific breed of plants according to the disease resistance that it comes with and will guide you how to grow it. When you grow a specific plant, according to its nutritional value, you are able to make the most of it. Horticulture departments are always equipped with the latest technology options available so as to go for propagation and cultivation and thus help you in all ways to go for better plantation approaches.

Some Terms Related With Horticulture:-

The first term related with horticulture is Arboriculture, which may be referred to as the study, selection, care, planting and removal of individual trees as well as woody plants. There is another term used with horticulture and that is “Turf management”, which includes all the types of the production and maintenance of turf grass for sports, leisure use or amenity use. The floriculture is an associated term that includes floral crops in it and deals with almost all the related things to floral crops and there are several other terms related to it as well.

Where Can I Find The Horticulturists?

Horticulturists are available everywhere and in every state as well as district. There is always a government registered horticulture department associated with every state and you can reach this department so as to get guided about a specific variety of plants. You will find dedicated horticulturists available in these departments that are put by the government on duty so as to serve the people.


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