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What is Hiv/Aids and its Symptoms

What Is Hiv/Aids


The full form of aids is acquired immune deficiency syndrome meaning the perso9n can get infected with it and in it the person’s tendency to fight with the diseases gets lost and health problems start occurring.

What is Hiv/Aids and its Symptoms

What is Hiv/Aids and its Symptoms

The virus that causes this disease is hiv or human immuno deficiency virus. When an individual gets infected with an hiv virus, his body tries out to make antibodies to fight the infection and thus the present of antibodies detects the presence of hiv virus. The tests for hiv include to look for the presence of antibodies in the mouth or the lining of the mouth in an individual. If someone has these present with him, he is likely to have an hiv infection and such type of people are called as the hiv positive people.

Being hiv positive does not mean that the person is having aids or he is likely to die, many people with hiv in them live for years without developing aids and don’t even get sick for years but as the disease continues it slows down the immune system of the person and in tern damage it with opportunistic infections and aids causes the ultimate demise of the individual then.

When a person knows that he is hiv positive, he should immediately seek for ultimate medical care. Hiv infection is followed with the symptoms like fever, headache and sore muscles or sore joints and sometimes the symptoms of flu may even occur to the person. Some people may even show no symptoms at all.

The aids virus is called to multiply itself inside the body of an individual for weeks and even months before the immune system of that specific person starts responding to it being the period when the person does not tests out to be hiv positive but can infect other individuals through direct contact or blood infection.

Proper treatment needs to seek the moment you know you are infected with the virus as with the lack of proper treatment the cell count is likely to0 go down and the person is likely to have other related diseases like night sweats and diarrhea or swollen lymph nodes etc. When the immune system of a person starts responding, it tries out to make the antibodies and when this process takes place he is tested positive for hiv.

When the first symptoms are seen, some people stay healthy for even ten to twelve years after that or even for a longer period of time but mean while the hiv keeps on damaging the immune system of the person.

The person with hiv in him should not have any direct contact with his beloved as even she is likely to suffer the infection after that and the person who knows he i suffering from hiv should not let his blood come in contact with any body and get the syringes etc used on him decomposed and broken properly so that no body else may use them.


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