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What is Happiness and How to be Happy

What is Happiness?


If I ask you what happiness is, you will simply answer me that it is the state of well-being and a happy mood that makes a person attain satisfaction of feelings and thus staying healthy. Happiness can make you get intense joy and attain mental well-being as well. Happiness is often related with a good state of living happiness has many meanings as when we asked the meaning of happiness from different-different people and if we get a bit deeper into what happiness is, we will have to understand it from different people’s perspective.

What is Happiness and How to be Happy

What is Happiness and How to be Happy

What about Happiness?

If you want to know what happiness is, you might have to understand it from different people’s perspective. If you are a small kid, happiness might mean to you some chocolates or some toy that you ever needed. If you are a toddler, the way your parents pay attention to your tantrums might be the mode of happiness to you.

If you are a student, getting good marks might be happiness for you or if you are in a relation, the utmost love that your partner gives you might be your cup of happiness. If you are a grown up with settled, children, the fact that you made your children get settled properly might be the reason of your happiness and Even if you don’t have a reason to stay happy, still you can stay happy thinking it as an exercise.

How to be Happy?

In order to stay happy, you will just need to prevent everything and every situation that makes you sad. Try to overcome every situation by finding new and better solutions for it and you will see that it makes you happy when you solve the situation.

Sometimes getting satisfaction to help others or by getting special treatment by someone can even make you stay happier. Try to make healthy relation with others and try to sort out things in a mature way. The more you get responsible, the more you will stay happy and thus when you are able to keep away from everything that can make you get sad, you are much likely to stay happy.

Happiness as An Exercise:-

When you go for walks in the morning, you must have watched some old people laughing at the top of their voice. These people are laughing intentionally as laughing is a proven exercise that can help you stay away from many health problems. When you are a new born baby, you keep on laughing and thus you stay happy.

The more you get older, the responsibilities on your shoulders, make you get serious and thus you get prone to many health disorders. The intentional laughing can help you regulate your blood pressure and can help you stay away from many other added health problems as well.

Benefits of Staying Happy:-

Somebody has rightly said, If you will laugh, people will laugh with you and if you will cry, people will laugh even louder. So true are the words that describe the human mentality as it is a fact that nobody wants to share troubles and instead everybody wants a happy life.

Happiness has got countless health benefits as besides staying healthy, it helps you make your relation better with others and it has been found that happy people have a better piece of mind and thus they take better decisions in every situation.


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