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What is Hamas, Hamas Website, Hamas History

What is Hamas, Hamas History


HAMAS is a Palestinian Islamism political organization and militant group that has waged war on Israel since its founding in 1987. The organization is designated to use suicide bombs and rocket attacks.

What is Hamas, Hamas History

What is Hamas

Political History of Hamas:-

Hamas governs Gaza independently of Palestinian authority and wants to replace Israel with a Palestinian authority.
in 2006, HAMAS won a slight majority of seats in Palestinian authority legislative elections but refused to accept previous deals that PA had made with Israel, to govern GAZA in an independent way from west bank based PCO.

Yearwise History of Hamas:-

2006 :- won Palestinian authority legislative elections with a decisive majority of seats.

2006 :- It used an underground cross-border tunnel to abduct the Israeli soldier gilad shalit, holding him captive till 2011, released in exchange for 1027 Palestinian soldiers.

2007 :- battle of Gaza, after what Gaza got under control of Hamas, the officers then were ousted from their positions at the west bank and thus Israel and Egypt imposed an economic blockade of Gaza strip.

2011 :- HAMAS and FATEH announced a reconciliation agreement providing for creation of a joint care taker Palestinian government.

2015 :- In January, 2015 Egypt’s emergency state security court over turned on earlier decision to list it as a terrorist organization.

Website And Headquarters:-

The website of HAMAS is www hamasinfo net and the headquarters are located in Gaza, Palestinian territories, Doha, Qatar. This was an Islamic resistance movement founded by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, in 1987 and others including Mohammad Zahar or Abdel Aziz Al-Rantissi with Khalid Mashal as the chief and Mousa Abu Maezouq as the deputy chief of the organization.

Views From Countries:-

Hamas is regarded as a terrorist organization by Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, and U.S.  it is banned in Jordan because of its activities only and it is not considered a terrorist organization by the countries like Iran, Russia, Turki, China and Qatar. Human rights groups such as human right watch condemn the attacks on civilians as a war crime and depicts it as a crime against the humanity.

Hamas is accused to keep on building a network of interval and cross-border tunnels that are used to store weapons and shields and militants and to deploy them.

Blames On Hamas:-

Hamas is blamed to use children and women as human shields according to Israel and Israel has been releasing the videos depicting Hamas militants to grab young boy and make him walk in front of them towards a group of people near a wall and to use children as the combatants in the video released showing Palestinian children under 15 going through military training and carrying and firing arms. Hamas is also blamed to use suicide bombs for spreading terror in Israel.


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