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What is Global Warming and its Impact on Climate

What is Global Warming


If I talk in the simplest language and words, the name is quite similar to the meaning itself. Warming up of the globe is known as global warming or you can say that when the surface temperature changes its normal values and makes a change in climate resulting in the change of earth’s temperature, the condition is named as global warming.

What is Global Warming and its Impact on Climate

What is Global Warming and its Impact on Climate

Talking About The Change In Climate:-

If I look at the facts, figures and stats in my hands, climate change has made huge changes in our ecosystem. The harmful pollutants like carbon dioxide get collected in our atmosphere and result in its continuous deterioration. Local temperatures have fallen gradually over last 50 years and if it continues like this only, our earth is soon going meet its doom and we will be forced to look for some else place to live in.

Results of The Climate Change:-

If you are from a farmer’s family or have a background relative to village, you might have heard others saying that the monsoons come either much earlier than what it used to be or come much late. Or if you are from city, have you ever thought why people say winters and summers have changed their schedule as it used to be? If not, let me make you understand this by another way, let us talk about the atmosphere first.

Atmospherical Blanket:-

You must have heard that sun emits harmful ultraviolet radiations that can prove to be cancerous to us right? Well, still we are alive, why? There is a layer up the atmosphere that we call as the ozone layer. It is basically the atmospherical blanket that helps us stay apart of these radiations. Ozone layer prevents these harmful radiations from entering the earth’s surface and the pollutants emitted by us in the form of carbon along with the greenhouse gases and chemical refrigerants have resulted in a strong cooling effect to the atmosphere and think once again if this blanket will keep on depleting like this, one day even the harmful ultra violet radiations will be able to reach us generating countless number of diseases as well.

What Are Green House Gases And Carbon Pollutants?

Green house gases are the gases like water vapor, Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone. They are harmful in a way that they absorb and emit the radiations within the thermal infrared range that results in greenhouse effect and then enhance global warming rather. Carbon pollutants are the pollutants that generate in carbon form and then result in global warming.

What Can Be Done?

When you know what can happen if you do not mend your ways, The need of hour is to reduce the pollution caused by carbon and let me tell you that you need to reduce this carbon only. Carbon makes our planet hot and even hotter, creating weather disasters, droughts and floods. The need of hour is to look for new and renewable sources of energy. Do you know that the car you use emits carbon from its silencer and that too results in global warming.

Do you know that if you are burning leaves of a tree nearby you or you burn polythene bags, it will also result in global warming? Think smart, act mature and mend your ways. You can choose to decompose dried out leaves by digging a pit in soil and use it as manure or you can even get the polythenes recycled instead of burning them. The clean ones can be used again instead of throwing and you can choose to go for electric bikes or mechanical cycles instead of petrol or diesel operated vehicles.


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