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What is Geography

What is Geography


If you have studied from the arts stream, Geography must be in your veins, but if you had studied social studies only till the 10th class grade, Geography might be like half knowledge to you. Geography is not simply a subject and instead it is a science, a study and thus you can refer Geography as a science that related to the study of Lands and features the inhabitants, the phenomenon’s affiliated with a particular area and the geographical conditions associated with it.

What is Geography

What is Geography

Getting familiar with Geography:-

As I told you earlier, Geography is basically a science of land and land related activities, you can take it as the science that helps you to picture the earth. Geography includes the study of particular areas on the earth, the coordinates of each area on this planet, the places and regions and the type of people that live in a specific area. Geography deals with all the researches that include land and humans living on it and thus you may take it as a human science.

Geography and Time:-

Geography does not only deals with how things are today, but instead it deals with all the changes that have taken place with a specific place in the past years. Geography is divided in two parts, the first one is the physical geography and the second one is the human geography. Geography deals with all the changes that have taken place with time at a particular place and what sort of changes have come in people with time.

Achievements of Geography:-

All the mappings that we see today and compare with the past mappings are a result of geographical researches. We know today that the land masses that have separated today as different-different continents used to be the single land mass once and there used to be two lands, namely “Gondwanaland” and “Angaraland” But how did we come to know all that?

We were not even born that time and not even our forefathers as I am talking about a thing that occurred a million years ago, then what was the fact that we came to know it? It is obviously the result of researches made By Geography that told us how soil gets formed, how mountains get formed and how rocks get formed and thus Geography is a word with unlimited achievements and explanations.

Geography has helped a lot to know about the climatic conditions, change in the quality and formation of soil, the formation of plateaus and conditions of deserts, etc. all became possible to be understood by humans due to the science called Geography only.

Study of The Coordinates:-

Geography deals with almost everything that is situated on this planet earth and not just the things situated but also the coordinates that the earth in located on. Geography tells you the exact angle, the exact direction and exact height from sea level of each place on this earth and the applications do not just end here, but geography also tells you about the disasters and conditions that Earth comes across including its climate and disasters including the Volcanoes, the formation of mountains, formation of earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. everything is included in Geography.


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