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What is Feminism?

What is Feminism


We often hear about the word feminism. Many videos are issued by the celebrities these days like the one that came a few weeks back named as “My Choice” featuring the famous Bollywood actress, Deepika Padukone in it. These types of videos and a countless cluster of campaigns are launched every day that are focused on females as well as feminism, but the meaning of this word is clear just to a few and thus here we have described that for you.

What is Feminism

What is Feminism?

What Feminism Actually Is?

Well, feminism may have a different definition for different people, but if you ask me casually, it is simply a campaign that is focused on the upliftment of women. Depending on a specific part of any nation, feminism may include the goals like to achieve equal political freedom for women, to have economic, cultural, personal and social rights for her like what the males get. Feminism seeks to get equal and fair opportunities for females like what their males counterparts get and may involve any other such demand as well.

Who Is A Feminist Advocate?

A feminist advocate is the one who advocates the demands of females for them and supports the cause of the movement for females. Generally these advocates act as a path showers for females by advocating them as well as other people about the rights that a female has got for her. Countless movements are organized and launched across the boundaries of the country so as to put forward what a women needs and these feminist advocates advocate for her.

What Are The Rights That Feminism Demands?

Feminism demands fair and equal opportunities for women as what men get and demand to treat both equally. Feminists say that it is a women’s social right to live with a man or to leave him and others amongst these rights include the political rights, the rights while in a workplace, fair wages, fair domestic treatment as well as equal rights for marriage as what a male gets in the society. These rights include the rights to move freely in any attire in the society and rights against harassment as well.

What Is The Need For Feminism?

Being a boy, I personally feel that there is a great need for feminism in this world as the society is becoming much male oriented. Talking about the Indian society, the females who change their name, leave their families and go to a male’s house after marriage and that too is done without her approval by the name of her parents only keeps on suffering the rest of life in most of the cases. It appears as if she is suffering for being a women and despite if her in laws allow her to work if she wishes to do that, still she is not treated in offices as well thinking her to be physically weak. She is treated as a machine of sex and the Delhi rape case is an eye witness how safe females are on the metro roads. There is a great need to recognize the rights of a women as there is no emotional difference between males and females, the difference is just physical. The day both will get an equal status, I think the world will become a far much better place to live in.


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