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What is Faith? – Definition of Faith

What is Faith? – Definition of Faith


Faith can be understood as the belief that an individual has got in something. This type of individual has always got a sort of confidence and trust over his beliefs and is ready to do anything in order to follow what his faith encourages him to do. The person who has got faith in someone will rather be sure of the things that are not real even and thus choose to follow it blindly sometimes. In order to know all what faith includes in it. A faith may be a faith in some living individual or even the supernatural or evil or god. All the things that we believe in are regarded as faith.

What is Faith? – Definition of Faith

What is Faith? – Definition of Faith

What Can One Have Faith In?

If we talk about the things that can one have faith in, I will rather say that faith can be developed in anything. If I talk about India, you will see that here, even rocks are worshipped and thus a person may have a faith in anything ranging from Religion, ideas and even some other person, etc. A faith might be developed in anything that is alive or not alive and can be existing in presence of a proof or even in the absence of a proof.

What Is Blind Faith?

If I talk about faith, It is a simple belief that can be anything. Like if I believe that god exists, It will be my belief, but if I say that I am going to jump from the terrace and god will come to save me, it will be my blind faith. Faith can be good but blind faith is always a hazard as it makes us lose the capability to think and take decisions in a mature way.

The black magic practitioners have a blind faith in the evil and keep on making evil cremations so as to make him happy and the terrorists are always resulted with this blind faith only as they have a blind faith in their master that the way he is teaching them will make them get the kind of independence that they want and thus never think what is right and what is wrong.

Is Faith Good or Bad?

If you ask me if faith is good or bad, I will just answer that it depends on the person if his faith will result in positive results or negative results. If you believe in something and follow it there is nothing bad in that, but if you start following it such that your ability to take decisions falls a prey to it, It will obviously be bad for you.

What Can Faith Result In?

Faith can result in anything depending from the change or beliefs or to make you get distracted from right path as well. See let me explain it with an example, the faith that you have in god is a right kind of faith as it makes you fear that if you do bad works, god will get angry and thus you always stay at a right path, but if the faith gets developed in a bad company, It may ruin your life as if you start following what bad company teaches you and get start following it blindly, It may even take you away from your relations and may even make you go for mass destruction as well.


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