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What is Eyebrow Threading and How to do

What is Eyebrow Threading and How to do


Threading can be understood as the best way to shape up your eyebrows and give them a better and enhanced looks. This approach just needs the user to take a thread reel and then take a piece of thread from it so as to tie it with the fingers making a specific angle so as to deal with the eyebrows and make them get shaped up. It simply involves twisting of thread so as to remove the unwanted hair and thus result in shaping of eyebrows in an easy to do way. In order to do eyebrow threading you need to follow a simple to do approach that I am mentioning here.

What is Eyebrow Threading and How to do

What is Eyebrow Threading and How to do

1. Take the essentials needed:-

For threading, you will simply need a threading thread reel and that’s it, you need nothing else. If you wish to keep something for soothing and softening of hair, that might be kept as well. Now, after all the things get ready, make the person sit on a chair in front of the dressing table for which you are doing threading and then begin the procedure.

2. Hair Care Before Threading:-

In order to do eyebrow threading, the next thing that you will need to do is to trim off the excess hair that have grown on the target site and trimming these hair off will enhance the threading process as these hair will not be pulled out completely. Now brush up these hair using a clean toothbrush or a hair dye brush so as to get them made lying in the upwards direction so as to do threading in a better way.

3. Getting the Desired Amount of Thread From Reel:-

Now in order to start threading, the next thing that you will need to do is to prepare your thread for doing it. Simply cut a piece of thread to the size same as your forearm gets while it is expanded fully and keep in mind to cut it in such a way that it gives you both the grip as well as control over the string. Tie both the ends of this string so as to make a loop with it.

4. Getting the Thread Be Positioned:-

After the loop gets made, you will need to position this thread between your hands. Simply hold the thread stretching it between your thumb as well as the index fingers and then roll up your right hand in clockwise direction while twisting it multiple times so as to let it get capable of twisting while threading will be done.

5. Threading Procedure:-

After the thread gets positioned in your hands properly at the desired place, you will need to hold the string with thumb and index finger inside the loop either sides and while bringing it near the eyebrow of the person for which you are doing threading. Pull your right thumb and index finger apart. This will make the twist of thread move towards your left and thus this twisting motion of the thread can be bought down in use so as to make the unwanted hair get removed from the eyebrows.


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