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What is Evolution?

What is Evolution


Evolution may refer to the changes that have taken place in organisms since they got life. Ever since the earth got formed and single celled organisms came into existence, the life forms kept on meeting evolution and the coming generations kept on developing advance features. Ultimately the multi cellular organisms arrived and thus after millions of years, the humans got evolved. The changes that took place amongst out forefathers that made us like what we look today and other organisms as well can be regarded as the process of evolution. Many scientists like Charles Darwin have given multiple theories about it and it is a continuous process that keep on taking place with all the forms of life.

What is Evolution

What is Evolution?

What Evolution Involves In It?

Evolution involves approximately every creature that lives on this earth or has lived ever on this earth in it. We know that when this earth was formed, there used to be only one or single celled organisms, then some changes kept on coming in the ancestors of these organisms that proved to develop new organisms. We have studied about the age of dinosaurs in our textbooks that used to look like giant lizards and mammoths that used to be the forefathers of the modern day elephants. We know that we humans have evolved from apes. If we compare the modern day elephant with its forefather mammoth or if we try to compare humans with its forefather apes, we will certainly spot some differences that have resulted because of evolution.

Example of Evolution:-

We know that we evolved from apes and out forefather used to be the early man who used to be quiet stupid, had long hairs and used to wander around forests like an insane fellow, though we have not seen him but obviously we have seen our father or grandfather, we all have the same body characteristics but there may be a slight difference in intelligence. If you still need more information, you can choose to read Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution as it really inspires us all about what evolution is and what changes have occurred in various organisms because of it.

Clearing The Meaning Of Evolution:-

Evolution does not only means the changes that you have got in comparison with your father but in order to study this process, you will need the data of how the grand parents of your grandparents looked like and how their grandparents look like which is obviously not possible and thus we have to depend on the scientist’s theories about it. The changes that have occurred in crops since your father’s time to your time and the changes that have arrived in other animals can be taken as the medium of understanding it in a better way.

The Ultimate Conclusion About Evolution:-

Evolution gives us only one single and ultimate conclusion about it and that is the fact that changes do happen with time in a specific organism and the traits that our fore fathers had in them are in us as well but some changes do happen with time and environmental changes that we regard as the evolution.


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