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What is Emotional Abuse?

What is Emotional Abuse?


Emotional abuse refers to the type of abuse that people experience, normally in a relationship. The emotional abuse might be a result of persisting problems in life, family or relations and thus it does not leaves a physical injury, but causes the impact of emotions that leave you shattered into pieces.

What is Emotional Abuse?

What is Emotional Abuse?

Sometimes it has been seen that people get so devastated with some act that they even try to suicide and the emotional abuse can really make it happen and thus there is a great need to stop practicing it with others.

What Does Emotional Abuse Include In It?

Emotional abuse includes almost everything in it that can make anyone feel devastated and hurt emotionally. If your words make anybody doubt his or her self esteem , it is counted in emotional abuse. If you try to make someone threatened or scared, the act will be regarded as emotional abuse. The relations that involve fights, clashes and abusive words are often a prey to emotional abuse. If the words that you spoke have put a mental impact on someone, it will be included in emotional abuse.

Examples of Emotional Abuse:-

Suppose your child had a pet pigeon whom he loved by heart and you cooked it in your dinner and ate it with your daily dose of whiskey, this will leave the child shattered in pieces and he will experience a flood of emotions that can even make him blame himself for killing that pigeon and maybe if the child loses the mental control, he is even likely to commit suicide. If I give you an example of emotional abuse in relations, suppose you and your wife had a minor argument that turned in a major fight as you started abusing her father or her brother, this is likely to make her feel emotionally abused as she was attached to her family equally as you are to yours.

Emotional Abuse In Case of Children:-

The emotional abuse in case of children may include the acts like name-calling, what most of the children prefer not to be practiced with them. If you break some toy or destroy some heartedly cared thing of a child, this can also be thought to as an act of emotional abuse as well and if you are mortifying the child badly in front of others about his parents or about his looks, this will also make him or her feel emotionally abused.

Emotional Abuse In Relationships:-

Talking about the abuse in relationships, the people who have a schedule full of fights are actually abusing each other emotionally. If you are calling each other by abusive words and don’t care about each other’s feelings are also likely to make their partner suffer emotionally or sometimes the entrance of third party in relationships can even result in this problem as well.

Signs of Emotional Abuse:-

The signs of emotional abuse may include the victim to start living excluded from the others, often tears may be seen in such fellow’s eyes and such kind of people will try to maintain a kind of distance from others who are not harmful as well. In some cases, children are found to lock them up in their rooms and try to commit suicide as well and the signs of helplessness can be clearly seen on such a fellow’s face.


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