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What is Education and Importance of Education

What is Education – Importance of Education


“Education is what we all take so as to become a good guy when we grow up”, probably you will get this line as an answer when you will ask a child what education is and If you ask a grown up about what education is, He will simply answer that it is a system of getting educated so as to enhance your career and give it a direction. If you ask from a job related person working in the field, He will just say that education is nothing but a requirement that you need to fulfill so as to make your C.V presentable enough to get a job. The more the number of people gets, more will be the answers and thus here we have tried our best to clear that difference for you.

What is Education and Importance of Education

What is Education and Importance of Education

The Essence of Education:-

The essence of education is in learning. A learning that inculcates the desired skills in you making you get enriched with knowledge enough as to make you take decisions and fulfill them. Education is based on the approaches that include subject books, informative stuff as well as the other modes of getting knowledge like the journals, theories and experiments that you make.

Education V/S Schooling:-

If you ask me how one gets educated, I will simply answer that if you are learning from something in a favorable way, It is providing you the knowledge. It may be a newspaper, a journal, Some internet based website or even the books in a library but if you will ask me what is the need of schools then? I will simply say that education can be obtained anywhere, the schools are just a place fixed for providing education.

Schools are the institutions registered with the authorities to provide you knowledge, make a regular analysis of the knowledge that you get along with your skills and then determine the report about how much your skills and knowledge has got enriched. You never get a report card sitting in a library reading the books but still it inculcates knowledge in you. While in schools, you get an added report card for that after facing the exams.

Classification of Education:-

Education can be divided into various forms. First of all, It is your parents that become your teachers and give you the very first classes of your life. You are then shifted to the pre-school where you get introduced with the teaching staff that takes care of you and then you get admitted to the primary school from where you get shifted to the secondary school.

After completing this secondary schooling, you are then admitted to the college or university where you complete graduation. After graduation, you complete post-graduation and so on. There is no age to quit learning and so is the case with education, you can keep on getting educated till you want by taking admission in various courses of your choice.

Does Education Only means A Good Career?

It is half right that you need education to make a good career. Education acts as a path shower for you to get success and the rest has to be done by you only. Education enriches your abilities and makes you improve them with continuous evaluation made and the qualities that get inculcated in you make you get success by making you capable enough to make your career successful.


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