What is Dyslexia? – Dyslexia Definition – HowFlux

What is Dyslexia? – Dyslexia Definition

What is Dyslexia? – Dyslexia Definition


The disorder of reading or Dyslexia can be understood as a disorder in which an individual meets a difficulty in reading. Howsoever the intelligence may be in an individual still he or she will be unable to make reading in such a situation and this may be affecting him to any extent ranging from full inability to even partial inability in some of the cases. In order to understand dyslexia, you will need to understand all what is associated with this condition and the information about it has been provided by us in the further points.

What is Dyslexia? - Dyslexia Definition

What is Dyslexia? – Dyslexia Definition

Dyslexia, The Reading Disorder:-

As a disorder of reading, Dyslexia may include a problem with an individual to sound out the words, difficulty in spelling the words correctly, writing the words and even the problems with pronunciation of words may reside as well in some of the cases.
The person in these cases is not able even to understand what he or she had read earlier and this gets noticed in earlier stages when a child meets reading based difficulties at school level.

Causes of Dyslexia:-

Dyslexia may happen to a child because of the genetic as well as environment based factors. In adults this might be a result of trauma related to brain or any other such injury making him or her get mentally weak enough to be unable to read what is written in the text books. This might even be a result of other problems like stroke or even dementia sometimes in the case of adults.

Symptoms of Dyslexia:-

Talking about the adolescence, the symptoms of dyslexia may include a delay in speaking and giving the desired response, difficulty in recognizing the words that are printed in a book, the difficulty in recognizing the directions and getting distracted from the original work by even a slight sound. The patient of dyslexia can be found to stop even on minor problems and the academic records will soon meet a downfall this way.

Results of Dyslexia:-

Dyslexia may result in problems resulting with the functioning of the brain and may result in poor processing. Sometimes it has been seen that the kids start facing problems even in the small and easy sums of mathematics and thus the person or the child gets unable to focus on the academics and thus meet a downfall of academic score.

Treatment of Dyslexia:-

The treatment of dyslexia involves a diagnosis to be made first of all and then a change in teaching methods needs to be adopted for such a child. There is no solid treatment for this problem, but this way the child can be made to bring about the desired betterment in the academic level.

Classification of Dyslexia:-

Dyslexia can be classified according to the causes on the base of language processing as well as visual processing. The underlying factor that caused the disease and the disorders that the individual met after suffering from this problem can be regarded as the points of classification of dyslexia.


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