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What is Drug Addiction and its Definition

What is Drug Addiction – Definition of Drug Addiction


We often hear that drug addiction is becoming a major problem amongst people that they need to get rid of and that drug addiction can make your health get worse and can make you meet your ultimate death and can even make your life get worse with time but what is this drug addiction? Well, just like any other addiction like a cigarette addiction or a nicotine based addiction, drug addiction is also a type of dependence that makes a person go crazy about something.

What is Drug Addiction and its Definition

What is Drug Addiction and its Definition

Understanding Drug Addiction From Some What Deeper:-

You may call drug addiction as a situation in which a person gets dependent on a specific substance for remaining normal and can’t get normal without its regular dose. It is also called substance dependence due to this reason only and in this situation a person feels it difficult for himself to control without a specific drug and it gets impossible for him to survive in a normal way without a regular dose of it.

Who Is A Drug Addict?

A person who is taking an controlled or an uncontrolled amount of a specific drug either to satisfy himself or to get rid of stress or depression or other such tensions is said to be a drug addict. He is called by this name as he finds it impossible for him to live without that drug and often it is seen that if you hide his daily dosage of that drug, he will get out of control and some drug addicts are even seen to keep on pleading before you to get them their daily dose of it. The life of such people gets pathetic and they stay restless till they don’t get their dosage.

How Can I Quit Drugs:-

If you have stayed on a drug dosage for quite a long period of time, it might prove to be much difficult for you to quit drugs and even if you manage to ask someone to not let you consume a specific drug, there will be a time when you will be craving for that drug. It might get impossible for you to quit the drug dosage on your own and thus you can choose to go for counseling and making your dosage get controlled first and then leave it using other approaches.

Symptoms of Drug Addiction:-

The symptoms of drug addiction include change in behavior, making drugs come on your top priority and not even caring about the relations for the sake of drugs. In some cases it has been found that the husbands who are on drug addiction even sell their wife’s ornaments so as to purchase their dosage when no money is left with them. The person will also stay prone to the other disorders like getting angry much faster, getting spoiled your physical as well as mental health and relationships as well as employment.

Drug Addicts Based Centers:-

If there is a drug addict near you who is suffering these symptoms, you can choose to make him reach some drug rehabilitation center so as to get relieved and live life free of drugs. There are many governments approved such centers that can really help you overcome the problem of drug addiction and that too in a safe way.


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