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What is difference Between Confidence and Overconfidence

What is difference Between Confidence and Overconfidence


Often we stay confused between the two terms, “confidence” and “overconfidence” and both the terms stay in irony with each other. Some say confidence is good and some say to be over confident is good, but what do both the terms mean and what do they cause Is still a matter of contradiction. In this article we have broken this contradiction and made clear this difference that is as follows:-

What is difference Between Confidence and Overconfidence

What is difference Between Confidence and Overconfidence

What Is Confidence ?

To be confident that you can do something is confidence. Confidence is a good thing and you can’t achieve anything without it. Those who lack confidence can’t make their way through the crowd as they always stay behind it and think they can’t do it. Those who are confident know they can do a specific job well and thus stay ahead, but those who lack confidence always get what is left by the people with confidence thus we advice everybody to be confident and make their way ahead in life.

What Is Overconfidence?

Those who are confident more than the required amount are said to be over confident and these types of people always stay two steps ahead of the crowd. These have always got their hands raised even before pressing the buzzer and this is not a good habit. People with over confidence have to face neglecting many times and have to be a part of the laugh of others mouth many times in a way that they think themselves to be qualified enough for any work and then either they are not able to it or find it hard enough to be performed by them. These people are basically fools with a brain and anybody can easily take an advantage of them.

Difference Between Confidence And Overconfidence Person:-

To understand the difference between confidence and overconfidence, let me tell you a short example,

2 friends, Aman and Vineet go for an interview in a Multinational company and the recruiters call them inside for interview. The recruiters ask them to sit and start asking them questions.

Recruiter :- Do you think you are eligible for the job? Do you think you are capable enough?
Aman :- (speaks with enthusiasm) yes sir, I can do anything in this world.
Vineet :- Sir, though I think I am capable and I will surely do my best, but some mistakes happen while learning and I will surely learn from them.

In the above conversation, Vineet is confident that he can do the job but knows that it is human tendency to commit mistakes and assures the employer that he will keep on learning from whatever they will train him with but Aman is full of over-confidence in a way that he boasts he can do anything in front of the employers. Even the employers will neglect his application like this and Vineet will get selected in a way that everybody knows confidence is good but over confidence is the mother of faults. It is good if you commit some mistakes in the beginning, learn from them and bring about a desired betterment in yourself, but people always neglect those people who say that they can do anything in the beginning but then commit mistakes.


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