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What is Dialysis? – Definition of Dialysis

What is Dialysis


Often we hear about the word dialysis. Well dialysis is the process that we need to go for when the kidney is not functioning properly. This case is often reported with the old aged people who are not able to maintain the proper functioning of their kidneys and thus have to go for the process of dialysis by getting themselves admitted in some good hospital. To make you get aware about this process, we here are explaining all the process that is involved in this approach.

What is Dialysis

What is Dialysis?

The Basic Definition of Dialysis:-

The basic function what kidney do for us is to remove the waste and excess water from blood. This function of kidneys is not able to be achieved in case of some person who either meet a kidney failure or have an impairment associated with their kidney. Such people are provided utmost care by keeping them in the dialysis unit where a machine is bought in use so as to bring about these approaches happen with the specific person. In other words you may say that dialysis acts as a replacement to your kidney.

Types of Dialysis:-

1. Primary Dialysis:-

(I) Hemodialysis :-
(Ii) Peritoneal Dialysis
(Iii) Hemofiltration Dialysis

2. Secondary Dialysis:-

(I) Hemodiafiltration Dialysis
(Ii) Intestinal Dialysis

When Is Dialysis Practiced?

As I told earlier, in case if there is some kidney related problem of kidney failure associated with some person, the individual will need to go for dialysis. When there is a sort of disturbance in the functioning of the normal kidney, dialysis is normally used and when the doctors recommend a kidney transplant, the patient has to stay on dialysis till the new kidney is available.

Role of Kidneys For A Normal Person:-

Kidneys are the most crucial part of the endocrine system. Talking about a normal person, kidneys help in maintaining his health by purifying and ejecting the unwanted waste materials out of the fluids and keep them regulated. The acidic substances that need to be regulated or eliminated are also bought in control by the kidneys. Unfortunately in some health conditions, these all functions get impaired either because of the kidney damage or malfunctioning and thus there comes a need to change the kidney. Dialysis acts as a process to keep the person normal till the kidney gets available.

The Principle On Which Dialysis Works:-

Dialysis has been found to be the outcome of the process of diffusion, which involves a semi permeable membrane or the plasma membrane to purify the contents while taking them from the region of high concentration to the region of low concentration. This membrane does the ultra filtration in place of the kidneys and thus the purification process that kidney must have done for an individual is done by the dialysis approach this way.


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