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What is Development – Definition of Development

What is Development – Definition of Development


Often we hear that a country has developed or is under developed. We say that America is a developed country, but India is still a developing one, but what is the thing that makes a country the developed one or a developing one? Well, here we have come to explain the difference between both the things for you. Basically a country where all the opportunities are equally provided and distributed to the people is a developed country and the country that has to develop more in order to bring equal opportunities for its people is a developing one, but what does development means and what are the factors involved in making you get counted amongst the developed?

What is Development - Definition of Development

What is Development – Definition of Development

1. Technological development:-

Development does not only means to develop in papers, but you should have the advancement in technology as well. The country should have a well-defined machinery so as to enhance its production, enough security equipment, army tanks, naval ships and battle planes. The more the technology gets advance, the more advance will be the country and thus in order to ensure the technological advancement, you are ensuring the development of the country.

2. Economical development:-

In order to ensure the growth of a country, It should have a rich economy as well. The more your economy is stable, the more will be the available resources and even the human capital will stay happy. You need to ensure the proper G.D.P, proper per capita income and proper economical development so as to make a country developed.

3. Equal employment opportunities:-

A country is said to be developed if it provides equal employment opportunities to its people. Not just the employment opportunities, but there should be enough academic institutions to educate the people. The more you generate employment opportunities, the more people will get jobs and the more country will get developed.

4. Bringing about the improvement to a desired extent:-

You need to look at all the available resources in your nation, make a list of them and use them in an adequate manner. You should concentrate on making the usage of renewable sources and plan to save your fossil reserves. When you bring about the desired improvement in your existing resources, even the country gets developed. The last thing that you need to ensure is to look for the enhancement of the existing resources and to seek for the methods that can help you conserve them.

5. Overcome where your leg behind:-

There are always some drawbacks behind every nation that has not developed that give developed countries an advantage over them. You should make a committee to decide where you leg behind and work upon all those measures that can make you bring about the desired betterment of the nation.

6. Equal health and career opportunities:-

In order to make your country be counted in the developed ones, you need to ensure that equal health and career opportunities are provided in it to all the inhabitants. There should be free health care checkup facility for all and all should get equal treatment in all the circumstances before the law.


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