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What is Definition of Science and Technology

What is Science – Definition of Science


You can take science as a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. Or if I talk in general, everything around us from a mother giving birth to her off springs to the inverter that we use and from a single step that man made on mount Everest to the first step of man on moon, all are included in science and hence science can be taken as a small word with big meaning.

What is Definition of Science and Technology

What is Definition of Science and Technology

Getting Familiar With The Meaning:-

Talking about the meaning of the word science, it most commonly refers to get the knowledge about the scientific approaches. Science most commonly has got three main branches that is physics, chemistry and biology. But there are several other branches like biotechnology, zoology, botany, and even the others like the field of medicine, geography and technology have to depend on science for their survival. World is nothing but a zero without science and scientists that make up the scientific works to make man’s progress continuously and bring about the modernization of the society.

Sub Branches of Science:-

Science is a short word with a length that you can’t even measure your entire life and thus there comes a need to study it in parts. We have got science divided in parts or branches that makes us study it easily. The things related with the biodiversity, reproduction, body related things, etc. are described in biology and the electric equipment and growth goes with physics, which is then again classified into wave optics, sound, electronics and much others.

The chemical substances, chemical changes and processes, including the elements that are found on the earth are included in chemistry that is further divided into physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. Science has got branches that you can’t even count on fingers and all the things that you see and experience in your daily life come under science only.

What Science Includes:-

If I start telling you what science includes, I will like you to rather ask what science does not includes in it. From the evolution of life on this earth to the evolution of earth itself, all come under science. All the drugs, all the minerals, all the elements and all the compounds, including the matter itself come under science.

All the chemicals are themselves a result of science and the modern day equipment that you bring in use are a result of the growth of science. The forecast of a disaster even before it hits us and the pre planed weather forecasting all are the results of science itself.

Science Is Basically An Answer To All Your Unanswered Questions:-

When you are small, you keep on thinking how you came in this world. Then when you grow up and experience this world, many other questions start striking your mind and if I talk about some of them, they will include, Why sweat comes out of your body, How is life possible on earth, what are the objects in the sky and many other questions keep on striking your mind including your own existence on this planet earth and thus science makes you get all those answers in the books that you once wanted to be answered.


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