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What is Data? – Definition of Data

What is Data? – Definition of Data


If I talk technologically, Data refers to the packets of information that are stored in a computer. These packets of information are formatted in a pre-specified way and basically all the information that we give or store in a computer or a device is nothing but packets of data. In simple words, if I make you understand, data is nothing but information that we are either providing someone or someone is providing us and this data may be a technological data or even a data collected by people in the forms of paper records.

What is Data? - Definition of Data

What is Data? – Definition of Data

Forms of Data:-

Data can be understood to exist in various forms, including the written data that you get in form of paper based records or as in the case of computer, the smallest unit to measure the computer based data is a bit or a byte. 1 byte consists of 8 bits. The facts stored in any gadget in the form of PDF file, a word or .DOCX or .DOC file, the information that we get from search engines in the form of web pages, all can be understood as the forms of data.

Difference Between The Hand Written Data And Gadget Based Data?

In the case of handwritten data, the creator writes the information in the forms of signs and if he or she needs to safeguards it, he or she cannot go for the encryption and instead will need to use special codes or symbols to make it safeguarded from the data thefts. In the case of gadget based data, the data is typed by the means of a gadget keypad and thus can be encrypted, making the usage of some special software that are meant for this purpose.

Data Encryption:-

If the data stored in any device is encoded in such a way that only the user that is authorized to read it will be able to open it and read it, then it can be said to be the data encryption. The user needs to decrypt it in order to read it and thus it is a safe way of data transfer, if the data needs to be safeguarded from the data intruders.

It is simply like having just the two keys for a same lock that is one kept with you and one with your friend and nobody except you both can open up the lock as they are not having the key for it. Data encryption has proven to be the safest way of sending the confidential data and thus is practiced with secret agencies as well.

Difference Between Data And Database:-

Data is nothing but some information that we need and the base that stores the data and makes it available is known as the database. It is simply an organized collection of data and can be used to find up a specific information when required like suppose we need to find which flight is boarding at which place, we will make the usage of a database.

Database Management System:-

As I told you earlier, database is simply an organized collection of data and the system that is bought in use to manage this organized collection of data is referred to as the Database Management System.
It interacts with the user, applications installed in the device and makes the user able to edit, update and view the desired data or information for any specific purpose.


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