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What is Cyber Bullying and its Definition

What is Cyber Bullying?


You can take cyber bullying as the process of intentional threatening in which someone makes the use of stuff related with information technology like computer, internet etc. so as to threaten some other person repeatedly. Though there is a procedure to block such people in much of the social networking websites, but such people manage to create fake social networking accounts so as to bully others and make them get harassed because of their acts.

What is Cyber Bullying?

What is Cyber Bullying

What Cyber Bullying Includes In It:-

If you ask me what is included in cyber bullying, it includes the rumors and gossips that someone intentionally posts on internet about you, with some evil motive that may either include the reason to make you get threatened or to humiliate you either to make you feel mortified or to make you face embarrassment.

Cyber bullying has become quite common amongst minors who find Facebook to be safe for them to bully people and they choose to make a fraud I.D and thus start troubling others either to have some fun or to mortify others.

Approximately everything that people bring in use to threaten or mortify others online can be referred to as the act of cyber bullying and thus all these get included in it.

Bullying, Cyber Laws And Cyber Crime:-

The approaches that people bring in use while they are online to trouble others are known as cyber bullying and when these kinds of act get increased more than the limit in case of a specific person, It is referred to as cyber crime. Though there are cyber laws that can be regarded as the set of rules and regulations made to prevent this cyber crime or online bullying but still there is a sort of fearlessness amongst people regarding cyber bullying.

Cyber laws are the rules that decide if somebody can be convicted or not with a charge bother someone else online on internet. If you try to bully someone intentionally, you try to send nude pictures to some other person, use fake profiles and post vulgar status and pictures about someone online, these laws can make you get behind the prison and you can be withheld with the law for bullying someone.

Safeguard Yourself Against Cyber Bullying:-

If you are a member of any social networking or any other website where someone is bothering you or bullying you by posting vulgar stuff about you, you can choose to report abuse that person or you may go by the cyber law as well. If the person is sending you hate messages you can choose to block him as well and if he or she is trying to gather your personal information, you can even choose to go for bringing about a desired change in the privacy options of your profile.

If he or she has gained an access to your contact, you can choose to change it or if he or she is trying to hack your I.D, you can choose to add some alternate Email or security question with it as well. You can even choose to synchronize your profile with your mobile number so as to regain your profile’s access even if somehow the person manages to hack it. The best thing to overcome this situation is to go by the local authorities and seek help of some cyber expert.


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