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What is Copper-T – Intrauterine Device

What is Copper-T – Intrauterine Device


Copper – T refers to an intrauterine device that acts like a method of contraception that is long lasting as well as reversible which means it can be reversed as well. Copper-T is one of the most effectively Non hormonal practiced ways of birth control in humans and it is available in various models that are widely used and practiced for birth control needs in humans. The failure rate associated with this device is rather low and this is the reason it is used for birth control in humans.

What is Copper-T - Intrauterine Device - HowFlux

What is Copper-T – Intrauterine Device

Structure of a Copper-T:-

Talking about the structure of a Copper-T, It consists of a plastic core that is wrapped in a copper wire in a “T” shape. The women gets any of the models available of this device implanted in them after talking with the doctor and when they get it implanted in them, they achieve birth control. Some new models of Copper-T may even be found to have a silver core instead of the plastic core so as to increase the life span of the device.

Reported Cases of Expulsion:-

Though there are cases of Copper-T being expelled from a women’s uterus, but still the rates are quite low and it happens in low cases. The signs of expulsion may include an unusual fluid to start discharging from the vagina, a sort of cramping or pain associated with the women and there may even be spotting reported with her as well. The moment copper-T gets expelled from a women’s uterus, she will get able to become a mother and birth control won’t take place this way.

Is There Any Risk of Infection?

Talking about the infection, There is always a risk of infection related to the insertion of this device but it partially depends on the person who inserts it to your uterus. There are various precautionary measures that need to be followed by the professional so as to avoid any sort of infection take place with you. You are advised to stay in touch with the specialist and report to him the next moment when any case of cramping or vaginal discharge is reported in your case. If there is any sort of inflammation reported, you need to seek for professional guidance immediately.

Why It There a “T” After Copper In Copper-T?

Talking about the copper-T, the copper in the name of device depicts the element from which this device is made up and “T” after the name of that element describes the shape of the model. This “T” shaped device is implanted by a professional expert and then birth control is achieved. Not just the implantation, but the removal also is practiced by a professional only.

Do I Lose My Fertility After Getting It Implanted In Me?

Some women must have a question in their minds that if they use this device, will they lose their fertility permanently? And it is but obvious for them to think as I told you that this device is means for birth control and birth control related directly or indirectly with the fertility only. Well, let me tell you that it will perform birth control, but only till it is implanted in your body. After you get it removed with the help of a medical professional, The fertility will be recovered quickly after that moment.


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