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What is Cloning are There Different Types of Cloning

What is Cloning – Types of Cloning


Cloning may refer to the process of creating the genetically similar copies. These might be a result of the D.N.A copying as well or there are many other types of approaches in which cloning is practiced. The goat “DOLLY” is an example of such cloning done with organisms and this has proved to be a great achievement in the field of science that has made us think more about the processes like resurrection, etc. Cloning in simple words is a biological copy that is made applying certain scientific approaches getting the specific D.N.A or genes.

What is Cloning are There Different Types of Cloning

What is Cloning are There Different Types of Cloning

There Are Three Types of Cloning:-

1. Gene cloning (Molecular cloning):-
2. Organism cloning (Reproductive cloning):-
3. Therapeutic Cloning

1. Gene cloning or Molecular cloning:-

Gene cloning or molecular cloning is the type of cloning that focuses on making the identical copies of the DNA molecules which is also referred to as the gene cloning. This approach deals only with the active DNA or genes that are not dead or deteriorated and thus the concept of resurrection is still legging behind due to this thing. This type of cloning is practiced normally as the other two are considered to be unethical and are banned due to this reason.

2. Organism Cloning or Reproductive Cloning:-

Organism cloning refers to the cloning that is performed so as to create the copies of an entire organism. This is also known as reproductive cloning and the clone of sheep ‘Dolly” is a live example of it. Though humans and other primates also come under this category but the cell structure is quite complex in these cases and such cases are associated with multiple metal as well as other health problems. The life of a clone is rather much less and it is though to be unethical.

There is no successful cloning evidence reported till yet but still if somebody does it, the clone will be associated with much problems and as a result it is banned to clone an organism at much of the areas.

3. Therapeutic Cloning:-

This type of cloning deals with the cloning of human embryos for the production of the stem cells. This process is associated with the destruction of the embryo. The main aim of this type of cloning is to study the human development and harvesting of stem cells.

The stem cells can be harvested and bought down in use so as to cure the other cells after cloning them. In case of an embryo, when the egg gets divided after 5 days, the stem cells are removed from the ova and then bought in use. People call it not moral to practice this approach as it is associated with the destruction of embryo. People say that you commit a sin by destroying the embryo.


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