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What is Cholesterol? – Is Cholesterol Good or Bad?

What is Cholesterol


We often hear that cholesterol may make our heart get physically weak or may even make us prone to heart attacks. Often we watch out in television based advertisements that they show a certain oil to be heart friendly as it helps you regulate cholesterol or say that other oil brands may do harm to you, but this one is heart friendly as it does not makes you experience cholesterol related problems but this fills your mind with one question and that is what is this cholesterol and how does it affects a human body? Well, in this article we have come with all information about cholesterol that will make you get familiar with it in a better way.

What is Cholesterol

What is Cholesterol

The Working of Cholesterol:-

Cholesterol is found in food products and is found in the every cell of an average human’s body. It is generally taken by us from our food, but the body can manufacture it by itself as well. Cholesterol in normal amount can help you make your body function normally while when it gets beyond the limit, It may prove to be equally dangerous as well.

Is Cholesterol Good or Bad?

Cholesterol can be both, good as well as bad for you. It is essential for the body to function normally till it is in a sustainable amount, but if it gets much higher than the limit in your veins, this may put you up to a danger of heart attack and other such heart related diseases. The lipoproteins take it to the blood and result in harm to the heart.

Classification of Cholesterol:-

There are generally two types of cholesterol namely the Low-density lipoprotein, or LDL cholesterol that we refer to as the bad cholesterol or the HDL or High-Density Lipoprotein that we refer to as the good cholesterol. As the name suggests, the good cholesterol needs to be maintained in the body while we should try our best to combat the bad cholesterol and minimize its amount in the body.

Functions of Cholesterol:-

Cholesterol helps in the formation of the structure of cell walls, helps in the formation of bile acids and helps in the production of Vitamin-D as well that we rather take from the sun if not manufactured within the body. There are certain hormones that cannot be formed without cholesterol and there are many other several problems that are linked up with cholesterol.

What Is High Cholesterol?

High cholesterol may refer to a situation in which the cholesterol gets higher than the normal one. This can be determined in a person by testing his or her blood and there is no reported sign and symptom for it as it is a silent process and that is the only reason why it is recommended to get your cholesterol level checked once every six months after you become an adult.

How To Control Cholesterol From Getting Beyond The Limit?

If the blood tests have reported that cholesterol has gone beyond the normal limit in your case, It might be a sign of a fore coming threat to your heart’s health and thus you should try your best in reducing the dietary intake of cholesterol. You can choose to go for an exercising schedule so as to reduce the bad cholesterol in your body and you may even choose to go for the food supplements that are low in cholesterol content in them. This will help you a lot so as to bring about a sort of control on the amount of cholesterol in your body and the threat of heart related diseases will get minimized this way.


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