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What is Child Neglect?

What is Child Neglect?


Often we hear about the term child neglect. This can be termed as the failure of any parent or any guardian who has got the responsibility of children on his or her shoulders but is not able to fulfill it somehow. This can be the case with most of the caretakers who get full greed of the parental property of such children while agreeing to take care of the children but then later on start neglecting them. In order to understand what this child neglect it, you will need to understand the various terms and terminologies associated with child neglect and some of which have been explained by us in this article.

What is Child Neglect?

What is Child Neglect

The Basic Needs of A Child:-

A children basically needs love. The other basic needs that a children longs to get include proper food, clothes, proper space for living, proper treatment in case of disease, maintenance of proper health and sanitary conditions, proper education and nutrition. Top most amongst all these, the child needs proper attention that the parents or guardians need to give him above all.

What Results In Child Neglect:-

When any parent or guardian fails to provide the proper care and attention to the child, this results in child neglect. The children who live in foster homes and orphanages experience such conditions much often as there is no one to take care of them. The orphanage authorities also see these children as a means of making money and never pay attention to them and instead treat them as a commodity. Whenever a child is not able to get attention from the people surrounding him, he is likely to feel neglected.

Signs of Child Neglect:-

If you ask me how to judge if a child is feeling neglected, I would just say that you will come to know it yourself by the state of that child. If the child has been admitted to some school, he will probably remain absent from the class much of the times. There will be reported cases of stealing reported with him and such kind of child will prefer to steal things like pen, rubber, lunchbox or whatever he or she will find to be attractive and the guardians not providing him or her.

Results of Child Neglect:-

The children who suffer neglect are likely to experience physical as well as emotional changes in them. Such children will stay always at the last of the crowd of other children and there may even be some academics related backwardness seen as well. In most of the cases of child neglect, It has been seen that there will be a sort of inferiority complex resulting with the child and thus the child will often feel jealous of others.

Need of The Hour:-

If you see any sign of neglecting related with some child, such child should be treated with attention and a friendly attitude so as to bring about the desired change in him or her. Often some teachers or parents try out beating such children or to close them in dark rooms and let me tell you that this never works with such children but some of your attention can really work in such cases. Try to handle the case with love and try to console such children to avoid the things undesired from them.


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