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What is Chemistry? – About Chemistry

What is Chemistry? – About Chemistry


You may take chemistry as that branch of science that deals with all the chemical changes that take place anywhere in the universe. Let it be the corrosion of iron on the pole or the accumulation of lactic acid in your knee area, all are the outcomes of chemistry. All the elements, gases, metals, nonmetals and metalloids come in this category and thus chemistry can be regarded as one word with an explanation of countless words and thus if you ask me to define it in a single line, I would rather say that “Chemistry is nothing but the solution of chemical mysteries”.

What is Chemistry? - About Chemistry

What is Chemistry? – About Chemistry

Basic Definition of Chemistry:-

Chemistry is that branch of science, that deals with the composition, structure, properties and change of the states of matter. Chemistry deals with almost all the things and changes that take place around us. It deals with the basic form of a solution, tells us if a liquid is miscible or immiscible after studying its properties and helps us know about the bonds between various forms of matter. If we are to study the chemical properties of some agent, we will make use of chemistry and all the components of a substance, including the atoms and molecules, are itself a research made by chemistry.

Achievements of Chemistry:-

If I talk about the achievements of chemistry, the fact that the particles of matter are continuously moving came to be known by people due to it only. Earlier we did not know that the minerals that soil contains in soil are contained in food as well. The development of chemical based drugs has saved countless lives and the study of various reactions and the arrival of the synthetic polymers, synthetic fibers, etc. all came to existence because of chemistry itself and all the natural phenomenon got described due to it only.

Chemistry in Everyday Life:-

If you ask me about the connection of Chemistry with everyday life, The rusting of iron, Is a chemical change. The burning sensation that you feel sometimes in the body, It is a chemical change and when you feel acidity and take milk of magnesia to control it, It is also a chemical change in which we just neutralize an acid with a base and thus it is also an application of chemistry in everyday life. The cleaners that we use in our toilet are nothing else but chemicals that are not dilute but concentrated and the yoghurt that you take daily, gets formed due to fermentation that is itself an example of chemistry in everyday life.

What Chemistry Includes in It:-

If you ask me what is included in Chemistry, I will rather like you to ask what is not included in it. Basically, all the reactions that happen around us, the corrosion of iron, the rains getting acidic, the formation of clouds, the deterioration of food, the conversion of fossils into fuels and the acidity that you experience in your stomach, all are included in chemistry. All the minerals that doctor recommends you to eat in your food so as to stay away of diseases are itself included in chemistry.


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