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What is Brain Aneurysm and its Causes

Brain Aneurysm and its Causes


You may take brain aneurysm as a weak area in the artery wall (arteries supply blood) and this is often carrying no symptoms with it that generally go unnoticed and we discover it accidentally. In some cases where the released blood reaches the other parts of brain, it may cause condition of stroke as well. The rupture of brain aneurysm is referred to as a subarachnoid hemorrhage and these parts almost deal with the cerebral area of the brain. Talking about brain aneurysm in detail, you will get o know all about it in the further points that we will discuss with you.

What is Brain Aneurysm and its Causes

What is Brain Aneurysm and its Causes

What Is An Aneurysm?

The place where many arteries meet together is called a circle of Willis and as I told you that this is the place where many arteries join, the place of the joints may develop weak points in them and these weak spots get filled with blood causing pouching of the blood vessels known as aneurysms. When the case is of brain and the arteries involved are from the brain of an individual, the aneurysm resulted is called as a brain aneurysm.

What Is The Rupture Of Aneurysm?

It may have got clear to you about what we refer to as an aneurysm, but there is one more term related to this purpose that we refer to as the rupture of an aneurysm and as we all know that rupture refers to the breakdown, same is the case with aneurysms as well. I told you earlier also that aneurysms are nothing but the weak spots at the artery junctions and as these spots are weak, there is a chance that the filled blood in an aneurysm will get leaked when it meets a break down.

This results because of the pressure and this blood when reaches the surrounding areas creates a problem. The blood gets spilled into the surrounding brain tissue and results in symptoms like stroke, headache, numbness, etc. This might even lead to a hemorrhage in some cases as well.

Causes of an Aneurysm:-

If you ask me the reason why the aneurysms are caused, I will simply answer that it is the arteries that carry the blood and when pressure will be created on the weak spots, the blood will be ejected which is the basic reason for aneurysms to get worse. The causes that result in aneurysms in most of the individuals may include high blood pressure problem in an individual, trauma and abnormal flow of blood as well.

The treatment is also highly based on making the blood flow normal first of all and then all the other approaches are practiced. The weak junction points are targeted and I had read it in a report that most of the aneurysms are caused due to the infections that take place with the artery walls and tumors as well as traumas. This may even be the result of individual’s bad habits like taking drugs, excessive smoking and drinking etc. as well and thus in case you need to prevent this condition from happening to you, these things should be avoided.


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