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What Is Bone Cancer and its Various Types

What Is Bone Cancer, Types of Bone Cancer


As the name suggests, the tumor in the bones of a patient is termed as the bone tumor. The interruption of the bone tissues with unwanted or undesired abnormalities can be termed as a bone tumor though it may range from cancerous tumor to a non cancerous type of tumor also in some of the cases.

What Is Bone Cancer and its Various Types

What Is Bone Cancer and its Various Types

A neoplastic growth of a tissue in the bone of a person generally means a bone tumor. The growth that is abnormally found in the person can be both , either cancerous or non cancerous. Benign cancer starts from the abnormal type of the growths that are non cancerous and the cancerous ones are termed as the malignant ones. A lyctic lesion is a site where a portion or a part of the bone starts looking either dissolved or eaten away.

Types of bone tumor:-

There are two types of bone tumors that occur within humans. The first is a primary type of tumor and the second one is a secondary type of tumor. A primary type of tumor can be defined as the tumor that starts or originates in the bones of a person or the cells derived from the bones of a person or the bone tissues that are derived from the bones.

The secondary type of bone tumor can be explained as the tumor that starts or originates in the other sites and that gets metastatised to the skeleton part of the body. A secondary type of bone tumor gets established to be one by two times or full out of full times as common as the primary bone cancers.

The primary type of tumors in bones can hence be put in the category of benign tumors or cancers. Both the type of tumours, either the primary one or the secondary one, include a distal femur and a proximal tibia. The benign one accompanied with osteoma , osteo chondroma, osteoblastoma, and enchrondoma. The examples of the primary bone tumors include the osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, ewing’s sarcoma, and the fibrosarcoma.

Benign type of bone tumors may either be neoplastic ones or the developmental ones or the traumatic ones or even infectious in nature. A few type of benign tumors are not even true neoplasms, instead represent the hamartomas, namely the osteochondroma being the most common of the locations for the primary types of the bone tumors.


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