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What is Bluetooth – Definition of Bluetooth

What is Bluetooth – Definition of Bluetooth


Bluetooth can be understood as a device that is fixed up in gadgets that comes priory installed or is installed afterwards, but can be used to create a personal area network so as to share data within it. Generally, all the mobile based devices. Tablets, laptops and other such good gadgets come equipped with it, but if you have not got it in built with your gadget, you can attach it externally as well. Bluetooth can also be used as an hearing aid and as a ear piece to listen calls and music as well.

What is Bluetooth – Definition of Bluetooth

What is Bluetooth

1. Talking About The Power of Bluetooth:-

Bluetooth works up to a range of 100 meters and is used as a wireless technology for the exchange of data over short distances. Some Bluetooth devices with low power can connect only a single device at a time, but some high powered Bluetooth can even connect multiple devices with them operating at the Frequencies between 2400 and 2483.5 MHz, Bluetooth is used worldwide in order for purposes like sharing files, data transfer and other features. Bluetooth makes a use of radio technology so as to make operation and makes the transfer of data packets based on it.

2. Understanding the Usage of Bluetooth As A File Transfer Device:-

Bluetooth can be used to create a mobile personal area network, but both the gadgets involved should be equipped with a Bluetooth in them. Suppose you try to make a connection between two mobiles, you will just need to switch on Bluetooth of both the devices and then make a connection by searching for the Bluetooth name and then after making both connected, you can choose to exchange files or you may choose to browse them. You can download the file that you want by simply browsing and choosing it. You can make both the things, sending as well as receiving.

3. Bluetooth as A Hearing Piece:-

Bluetooth can also be used as a hearing piece as what we do with earphones, but earphones have a chord attached to them and thus can’t be called wireless but Bluetooth is totally a wireless medium and thus can be used to make chord less calls. You simply need to search your Bluetooth name with your gadget and connect both with each other. After the connection gets made, you can choose to answer calls and listen music over the network connection and that too wirelessly.

4. Bluetooth as a Data Transfer and Chatting Device:-

Bluetooth can also be used as a data transfer and chatting device. Gone are the days when you needed to opt for a separate data plan for every gadget that you had and instead if you are a smart phone user, you can choose to connect the Bluetooth of your smart phone with your computer or laptop and share the data using Bluetooth tethering service. The same data that your SIM card is equipped with, will be able to be used within your computer as well. You can also choose to chat with Bluetooth without spending even a single penny on it as modern day Bluetooth’s are equipped with Bluetooth chatting applications that enable you to chat in your personal area network connected by the means of Bluetooth.


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