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What Is Blood Cancer and its Types

What Is Blood Cancer Types of Blood Cancer


Blood cancer is a cancerous type of formation in the body of an individual that is able to attack any organic system of the human body. The entire circulatory system in human body is likely to get affected by the rapidly multiplying cancerous cells as a part of blood cancer. Besides blood and the lymphatic system; the bone marrow can also be attacked in the case of blood cancer.

What Is Blood Cancer and its Types - HowFlux

What Is Blood Cancer and its Types

There are three types of blood cancers namely the leukemia, lymphomea and myeloma that can be defined separately on the basis of their variations as follows :-

Leukemia blood cancer:-

In this type of blood cancer, with spurt the cancerous cells start multiplying and affecting either the marrow or the blood. The ability of the circulatory system to produce blood is in turn affected badly.

Lymphoma, type of blood cancer:-

The cancerous formations that start affecting the lymphocytes is generally referred to as the lymphoma. The lymphocytes are one of the varieties of white blood corpuscles or w.b.c’.

Myeloma type of blood cancer:-

The myeloma type of blood cancer is responsible to affect plasma which is another variety of white blood cells.

Other than chemotherapy and radio therapy the common conventional methods of treatment of blood cancer include bone marrow and stem cell transplantations.

Though there are various medical treatments done to treat a patient suffering from blood cancer but there are some natural ways also that are as follows :-

1. Certain herbs are seen to be much effective in the treatment of blood cancer two of them namely “garcina mangostana” and “xanothenes” have been found much effective to treat the patients of leukemia. The products based on these herbs are potentially found at a large extent to treat the growth inhibiting features of leukemia

2. Various types 0f antioxidents can be added in the diet of the patient suffering from blood cancer along with green leafy vegetables in order to be a supportier base for the treatment of the blood cancer. Particularly the kids undergoing the treatment of blood cancer respond better to the curative treatment if there diet is rich in green leafy vegetables and antioxidents. Allopathic remedial options along with antioxidents can provide a better survival rate.

The child suffering from blood cancer should be provided with a rich balanced diet with an edequate supply of vegetables like spinach and raw fruits so as to lower down the chances of leukemia blood cancer.


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