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What is Asphyxia and its Definition

What is Asphyxia


Asphyxia is a condition of severe deficiency of oxygen supply in an individual. The disease is likely to arise from abnormal breathing and ultimate death.

Asphyxia is associated with choking, causes generalized hypoxia that affects primarily the tissues and organs. The patient becomes difficult to breathe for a large period of time. The disease is likely to cause coma or death. The disease can cause obstruction of airway passage.

What is Asphyxia

What is Asphyxia and its Definition

Causes of The Disease:-

The disease of asphyxia is likely to be caused in an environment where oxygen is not available such as getting drowned or being in vacuum.
The disease can occur to anybody who lives in contaminated air or living in an area with excessive smoke or even when somebody inhales carbon monoxide or inhales the smoke coming from the silencer of car.
The disease might occur due to unconsciousness or death that is induced by choking or drowning or electric shock or an injury to anyone or if he or she inhales poisonous gases or meets suffocation due to something.

What Is Compressive Asphyxia:-

The chest expression is limited mechanically with expansion of lungs or by compressing the torso. The problem is likely to be interfered with breathing. The problem can occur when the chest or abdomen is compressed. Compressive asphyxia may even occur in the case of accidents   that results from being crushed or pinned under a large weight or force.

What Is Perinatal Asphyxia?

Perinatal Asphyxia results from the deprivation of oxygen to new born baby long enough to cause apparent harm to him. The condition results most commonly from a drop in maternal blood or interference during the delivery with blood pressure or any sort of interference during the delivery of the baby with blood flowing to his brain likely to cause death and the disease does not even provide sufficient circulation or perfusion impaired respiratory effort or inadequate ventilation.

Positional Or Restraint Asphyxia?

When an individual gets restrained or left alone in some room or someplace, He or she suffers from positional or restrained asphyxia like suppose you left your child in the car and the windows of car were closed and he or she dies due to suffocation or lack of oxygen, then he or she has died due to positional or restraint asphyxia. The patient in this state is likely to undergo brain damage also.

Traumatic Asphyxia:-

Suppose someone are changing the tire of your car with a jack under it to repair it from below and get crushed under it and dies because of lack of oxygen due to the pressure made by the weight of the object, then it is the case of traumatic asphyxia.

Pythons or anacondas or some of the other snakes grab people by making their tail revolve like a loop and stops the supply of oxygen my making the person die because of suffocation, this is also the case of traumatic asphyxia.


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