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What Is Aspergers and its Symptoms

What Is Aspergers


Aspergers or Aspergers Syndrome refers to the significant trouble that the children face with the social situations in their childhood. There can be no two children with the same and alike symptoms as the first one. In childhood when the children is admitted to the pre-primary classes and finds it impossible for him to interact or to talk and make friends with the other students then it might be the indication of aspergers. When your child is not able to make up if you are scolding him or appreciating him, and lacks in picking up the social clues and lacks the inborn social skills then he or she can be said to be suffering from aspergers and the other symptoms being not able or inability to read the body language of the others may be the clue of being suffered from aspergers.

What Is Aspergers and its Symptoms

What Is Aspergers and its Symptoms

Noticeable Signs In A Child:-

When a conversation is going on and the people included are chatting on a serious topic, this type of child can start to laugh all of a sudden and may start to cry all of a sudden in humorous topics. The child may take turn while talking to you and may not feel it comfortable for him to face you.

The child in these cases may lack empathy and may be unable to recognize the different tones of speech whether the people he is talking to are speaking in the angry or the happy tone and are praising or scolding him. The child in these conditions might not be able to understand a simple joke and may have his speech to be flat and may even seem to be mad or mantle to you.

The voice of such case lacks pitch and tone and the child in these cases is likely to speak one word instead of the other as he might want to say mamma and might say papa or wants to say food and may say water and is often observed indulged in one sided conversations with himself and may have only a few interests and in these type of cases the child may find it difficult to learn the manners or the food habits etc. and might remain isolated from the group of other students.

Why You Need To Worry ?

This type of child who is suffering the symptoms of Aspergers prefers to stay alone and needs special care. One of these symptoms can’t be regarded as the case of aspergers but if the case if followed up with several or much of these symptoms then the individual must be consulted with a good specialist and the patient must be paid the attention he deserves.


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