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What Is Artificial Lung?

What Is Artificial Lung?


Lungs are the sponge like organ that is situated in the chest cavity. This organ expands and contracts about twenty times in a minute and is counted amongst the most crucial organs of the body as well. You may take an artificial lung as the lung that is fixed up after the real lung gets impaired or gets damaged. Though this organ is essential for us, but still it has been seen that in some cases, people get this organ impaired either due to their bad habits or due to some serious inner injury and thus artificial kidneys are bought in use.

What Is Artificial Lung?

What Is Artificial Lung?

The Basic Definition of Artificial Lung:-

The impairment of lungs make you seek to go for a prosthetic device that proves to be a boon for you against the impairment of lungs and may even prove to help you with the purpose that the lungs are made up for. When any individual meets lung related disorders, he chooses to meet a doctor and get the lungs replaced. Though it might be difficult for him to get a donor for lungs and thus he might need to go for an artificial lung so as to save his life.

As I told you earlier, the artificial lung is a laboratory made lung that is implanted in an individual so as to complete the functions for which a natural lung is there in the body. When the natural lung gets impaired, this artificial lung helps us perform all the tasks that the original lung used to do for us including the oxygenation of blood and removal of CO2 from it.

How Do Lungs Get Damaged?

Lungs get damaged due to various processes that leave them damaged and one amongst is the smoking and drinking habit that is the major culprit behind the damage caused to lungs. Mechanical ventilation is practiced in the initial stages to relieve the patient first of all but then there comes a need to have a lung implanted and people choose to go for an artificial lung when the real one is unavailable.

What Is The Function of Lungs?

The original lungs in our body help us in respiration and to deal with the amount of oxygen and CO2 in the body. Lungs help to minimize the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood and do the oxygenation of it. The wind pipe is attached to these lungs and these lungs get damaged due to various bad habits of an individual and sometimes due to some injuries as well and in these kinds of situations, you need to seek for an organ donor that may give you his lung to survive, but it is much difficult to get a donor for the patient in much of the cases and thus there comes a need to go for the artificial lung.


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